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As a new member to this board, I wouldn't have appreciated a post-count or join date restriction on orders. Such a restriction doesn't even necessarily target the people it's intended to. I would have bought a pair of HF-1's had I been given the opportunity and I would have likely very much loved them given that I was about to buy 225's until I saw this thread (and now I've read through much of it and see I'm probably back to square one). Just because I recently joined doesn't mean I'm here to profiteer. I suspect you know that, though, so I'm not trying to chastise you. I think you were just throwing some possible ways to circumvent this from occurring a second time.

My understanding is that many places have resell limitations on their products, especially products they offer at discount. Dell, for example, specifically prohibits its small business customers from buying with the intention of reselling for profit.

One way to implement this in a situation like we have here would be to sell the HF-2's at a "discounted" price. Ebay will accomodate in shutting down the auction if the seller is found to violate an agreement that the person can not resell the product for profit. Also, the original seller can also charge the non-discounted amount if the end-user is found to be in violation of the terms of the discounted agreement.

Originally Posted by The Monkey
Naive, no; pedantic and condescending, maybe.

I am glad that Todd chose to share his thoughts about why an HF-2 is unlikely. This kind of transparency is a good thing. Todd has no obligation to let us know his decision-making process. Now, for those of us who disagree with him, it provides an opportunity to discuss the issue. Thus far, I think this portion of this thread has been useful.

That said, in the interest of being more constructive, perhaps it is more constructive for those of us who disagree with Todd to offer proposed solutions for a similar future event, if any.

Like a poster above, I thought about a minimum post count for ordering. Or maybe head-fi join date. However, I think both requirements could create resentment in this community and therefore is not worth it.

Technically, I don't think Todd or John could make a purchaser actually agree not to sell a headphone on ebay (or other outlet other than head-fi). Further, it probably just wouldn't work. Nor would a post to the effect of "please don't sell these on ebay," as I think we all can agree that the profiteers wouldn't care about that.

I think self-policing works, to a certain extent, but apparently not well enough. Maybe if a specific FS section were carved out for the HF-1? I'm not sure how much that would help, but at least it could remind people that it is preferable that the HF-1 and the like stay in the community. It would be a small step, but possibly a helpful one.

What do you all think would be an effective way to eliminate the behavior that threatens to eliminate the HF-2?
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Why. Won't. This. Thread. Die. ?
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I refuse to enter into the discussion of HF-1 ethics...

I'll just take the time to thank Todd & John for the opportunity they provided. The HF-1 is a unique product that has blown me away at every turn. It's a product that defies logic because it performs at a level I associate with much more expensive cans, and it scales very well with the equipment driving it (as well as modifications done to it). As a result, it has pretty much become my can of choice. HF-1 #10 isn't going anywhere!

And here's a pic of my HF-1's in their current state, because they're so damn beautiful...

And what's best is they sound even better than they look!
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Originally Posted by wakked1
Why. Won't. This. Thread. Die. ?
Seconded, seriously though, every time this thread is bumped I either think that someone foolish is asking whether or not these are still for sale, or, even less likely and with a heck of a lot of hope, that these are being rereleased in a similar, non limited edition model.
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Originally Posted by en480c4
And here's a pic of my HF-1's in their current state, because they're so damn beautiful...And what's best is they sound even better than they look!
Damn Ian, you really make me wish I knew my way around a wood shop. I guess I'll just have to eventually crack and give Headphile a call
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HI All,

You may want to keep an eye on my TTVJ forum here at Head-Fi for an exciting update on the HF-1. Check it out!

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This is great news to those who have not yet had the chance to experience the HF-1!
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Lol, oh boy.

EDIT: Todd, just read your announcement and I wanted to commend you on your choice of wording about reselling these phones. You made it clear that people are free to do as they choose, but that there also are consequences associated with certain actions. Kudos to you for doing this again and addressing the challenge.
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