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Surprise! HF-1 (Head-Fi 1)!!!  

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In Recognizing the significance and value of Head-Fi members to the headphone community, Grado Labs, Todd The Vinyl Junkie, and Head-Fi are pleased to announce a new, numbered Special Edition headphone. The HF-1 will be offered exclusively to Head-Fiers for $200 with a limit of one per member. From the sale of each headphone $25 will be donated to Head-Fi to help support the growth and sustain this valuable resource. This is our way of saying thanks for all of your support over the years!

The HF-1 will be available only through TTVJ. Preorcers are now being accepted. Call toll free 866-444-3910. The earlier you order, the lower the number headphone you will receive.

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Is it based on a SR225? Tell us more! ARGH I CAN'T AFFORD THIS RIGHT NOWW!!!!!
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pick me! I want one!
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Thank you John first and foremost for doing a headphone for US..the headfi'ers!!!!!!!!

Thank you Todd, you are the man of headfi!

Thank you Jude and mods for putting up with our stuff and improving this place for our enjoyment...

Thank you Me for the panache which has nothing to do with
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Oh, geez, and this on the heels of just selling my 225s...

Todd, could you tell us which model this is based on?


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i need to sell off my 650 to finance for this if I were to get it man.....
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What information do you need when we call?
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Hi All,

The HF-1 is based on the SR225. It has a wood driver housing instead of plastic and will have wood "buttons" saying HF-1. I expect to be shipping them in 1-2 weeks.

As for how they sound, well they have, a little more bottom end and an overall fuller sound than the 225. They come with the bowl pads and sound great with those pads.

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Ah man...

I JUST bought my 225's too...

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Sweet Jesus!
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You've got voicemail Todd , maybe that'll be the HF-1 smiley now...

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oh my. SR225 with more bass. ARGH! and WOOD!
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Originally Posted by n_maher
You've got voicemail Todd , maybe that'll be the HF-1 smiley now...

Hey n_maher - what information did you leave in your message? Thanks.
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I also left you a voicemail. Let the insanity begin!
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I sent you an email, is that acceptable or should I call instead?
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