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Brent and I swapped some gear. I got a nice bike, he got some nice audio equipment. He's a good guy.
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Brent found some more money, so I sold him my ER4Ps. I sent out the IEMs first, he paid the next day. Great guy, trustworthy.
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We traded a pair of headphones. Great and friendly communication. Brent has to wait 29 days to get my pair. He was patient. By the way: His pair arrived me in 10 days. Shipping cost has been one third of what I paid for shipping.

Brent, have fun!
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I purchased an Oehlbach Senn cable from Brent. Great price, ultra-quick shipping and nice person to communicate with.

One satisfied buyer!
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Brent sold me his 1st gen Xin Supermacro. He's a great guy and quick to answer questions. I'd be glad to do business with him again in the future.
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Bought Brent's HD650's, he communicated very well, shipped when he said he would, all in all wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again. Thanks Brent!
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sold some headphones to MD. Very easy and cordial transaction, highly recommended.
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I sold Brent a modified SinglePower tube amp.


Communication was good, payment was prompt, and he told me when it got to him. Great deal.

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Sold Brent my RSA SR-71A.  Communication was good and payment was prompt.  I will definitely deal with him again.

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