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you're right thomas, you didn't mention Jude. but you certainly implied it. I mean, are any of us making money off of head-fi? Who were you talking about?

Money isn't a factor on headwize, true. but why do you think the forums keep going down? wthout the proper funding, there's no way we can support headwize. Chu won't even accpet donations, for crying out loud! I mean, what the hell are we supposed to do, huh?
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Is this a fancy, commercialized forum?
No, not right now, but i definately think it will turn into that once corporate sponsorships begin, and the same thing will happen to headwize if we make chu start taking donations.
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Originally posted by thomas

No, not right now, but i definately think it will turn into that once corporate sponsorships begin, and the same thing will happen to headwize if we make chu start taking donations.


I really do appreciate your viewpoint. But I'll ask you (and I mean this very sincerely): What would you recommend as an alternative? And do you visit Audio Asylum? It's an absolutely fantastic forum in my opinion -- and one that is largely funded by sponsors (because it is so popular). It can be done without screwing up the integrity of the forums.

The limitations are already starting to make themselves very real.
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I personally feel that it's Chus right. The whole argument that WE made the posts, WE wrote it all down, its US that made the archives. Thats all wrong. Its not valid in this case because it's not you that sacrifices in order to give you the ability to post and make an archive. You preach acceptance? In this case i have to say FORGET acceptance, there is a good medication for the inducing of acceptance, its called morphine.... Thats why they inject dying soldiers with it. There is a point where acceptance becomes mindlessness. Yes, sometimes it is better to accept. But in this case it's Chus right to struggle against the odds. You say that the "times are changing" as if God himself would bow to such an undeniable law!
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Sheesh, does anyone else feel like this argument has been going in circles for awhile now?

Neruda said...

dhwilkin, we're talking about more than just him and me. a lot of people posted a lot of stuff, and they deserve to know that it hasn't gone to waste.
Man, I completely agree. However, the means to provide this data is entirely in cmoy's hands. He is currently investing his energy into upgrading Headwize, rather than giving out the archives. Obviously he sees giving out the archives as a secondary goal.

There are two ways we're going to get the archives: cmoy himself decides to let jude back-up the data, or somebody manages to persuade cmoy to let jude back-up the data. Somehow, I don't see either happening in the near future. cmoy seems to be looking out for his own interests right now, namely making Headwize better. If he gives the archives out, yes he is helping the overall community, but maybe hurting Headwize because fewer people would go there. Which would be, ironically enough, a good thing because then cmoy's bandwidth bills would go down. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like cmoy sees it this way.

thomas said...

He has always had this stance on sponsorship, and if you'd rather have a fancy, commercialized forum, then post elsewhere.
Commercialization does not always equal bad. The effect depends on how it is implemented. You know, kind of like a gun can be good and bad, all depends on how it's used. I think jude is mature enough to handle this eventual development for Head-fi and not alienate everyone that will at least give it a chance.
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From what I understand about law, with mail or email both sender and receiver have to agree in order for it to be published, and they both have the copyright. Posts in public forum are not the same however. I'd imagine they're in public domain, with the original poster maybe retaining some rights. However, I'm quite certain that the copyright on the entire *collection*, as in the whole forum or just a subsection of it, belongs to Chu. No one could post a copy of forums without his approval, even if hed' get individual posters to sign their rights to them. However you can copy your own postings and put them wherever you want, unless there wasn't a specific agreement you had to agree to when joining headwize that all your submissions belong to headwize, and I don't think that was the case.
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Is this a new record or WHAT ?

This has to be a RECORD setting in MOST read thread in SHORTEST time here on Headfi

How come no one is giving me any Credits to KICK START Headwize's reopening ?

I think I opened up 6 cans of worms here lol~!

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Tides said...

This has to be a RECORD setting in MOST read thread in SHORTEST time here on Headfi

How come no one is giving me any Credits to KICK START Headwize's reopening ?

I think I opened up 6 cans of worms here lol~!
I give no credit, because while you may have opened up 6 cans of worms, you failed to open up even 1 can of whup-@$$!
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When this whole ordeal started I thought sponsorship was the easy and logical solution. Now that I see that Cmoy is commited to keeping it non-commercial, I can either dismiss him as being loony, or having more knowledge of the situation and is doing whats best in his situation.

I believe in the latter(hey my amp has his name on it), and I think Cmoy puts a lot of honor and respect into what a "non-profit" organization truly is, even if there are plenty of people that aren't too happy about sacrificing access to archives for a couple of months.

To say that Cmoy is selfish about not opening up the site to commercialsim, is not very different to say that there are users that are selfish and impatient about losing access to forums and archives for a few months. Both solutions involve a sacrifice. And it wouldn't be far-fetched to say that either solution does not have long-term consequences or repercussions.

One solution is to be commercialized, which in the short term is going to be nifty. Unfortunately who knows what is going to happen if one DIYer someday decides to say that their DIY amp beats the socks off the amp of a sponsor for cheaper. Are we naive enough to think commercialization does not have its faults...when we already know that these exact problems can occur even without any sponsorship(do I need to cite them?).

The other solution which Cmoy seems intent on is the one which requires the most patience with the temporary loss of forums and archives as he tests his bandwidth constraints and reworks the forums. Course we all have doubts on how it'll hold up in the long run as well with bandwidth problems.

As for contributions, I thought that would have been a good alternative, however it is not my position to question his stance. For all I know it could be typical Eastern culture to be adament against accepting gifts no matter how illogical it may seem to others.
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Sheesh, Tides. You come off better after you start explaining yourself, but that original post really makes you sound like an ingrate.

These communities are a luxury, a vision, and a privilege. Most of the information on those archives, aside from the DIY forums, is researchable through other means. Of course, it's not as instant and requires much digging, but boo-****ing-hoo.

As far as I know, cmoy has another job and started Headwize because he was passionate about the subject material and creating a community. This community has expanded and Headwize has suffered some bumps for it. These statements of entitlement make it seem like this community is unraveling as a community, self interest coming to the fore. If you're too impatient to wait, maybe it doesn't mean that much to you. For me, I'll wait as long as I have to because I can't do it myself.
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LOL! Damn Dhwilkin, for some reason I busted up when i read your post.
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The intend is not to open cans of whopp azz to anyone the REAL purpose is to KICK START the Headwize forum

I was asking for extra flame retardant biosuits and looks like no one has extra set so I can double it up here Name any FPS on PC and a server IP and I will open couple cans of whoop azz on you


I dont mind waiting too( as I stated). I just rather not wait in the dark if possible. And like I said before, I asked Cmoy his intention about it, he replied. I am satisfy with it. That is all.

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Uh oh !

I hope this isn't one of those "let's choose sides" deals where the community goes to war over which is the better forum , though I kinda thought this could happen at some point if both sites were to be active simulataneously

posting identical information on two sites to the same folks CAN get old but what to do ?

open up both site and when posting "select all" then "copy" then "paste" ?

As for the archives-I for one would not mind losing some of my rants or for that matter some of the outright warfare of some threads

Maybe some editing would be in order-keeping the informative threads and losing the go FCK yourself threads , a BIG job but would save some server space

Let us not forget where this all began and who did the gruntwork !

If not for "the person who shall remain nameless"
where would we all be now ?

loyalty goes a long way with me and it takes something drastic for me to cut loose

things do have a way of working out in time

so todays word boys and girls is PATIENCE

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Jude, i know there are many problems with hosting a large forum, and bandwidth costs are expensive. But i think what CMOY has done to build up this community is really admirable, and is one of the main reasons that it is so successful today. And many of my previous comments i made when i felt that people were not giving him the credit he rightly deserves.

I guess i'll be naive, and say that i don't think we should mess around with a good thing, and that i really hope that this community will retain its integrety it has always had. If the forum will have to be drastically simplified, with no "cool" features, i would accept that and prefer it over a commercialized forum, no matter how many features it had or how fast it was.

I really don't like the idea of commercialization, I can see too many ways it can be abused. I definateltly have a very pesstimistic view about it, after seeing the money-grabbing that marks the audiophile world, and seeing the results of the "competition" between Jan and headroom. Jan was an extremely helpful DIY on the headwize forums way before he started selling headphones, and so was todd and headroom. But when they both tried to use it for commercial gain, the forum quickly degraded. I can only see the same thing happening with a commercailized forum.

As you mentioned, audio asylum is a good example where commercialization hasn't hurt the quality of the forum, but i'd think that it is a rarity out there. And i still don't think it is as unbiased as headwize was. I am just being naive and hoping that there would be someone out there who would continue devoting so much of their effort to promoting the hobby, without any intent of making money out of it.

And i get really mad when people take his work for granted, and critize him for somthing that is really out of his control

edit- rickcr42 and timd, well said, as always...
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Hehe, thanks ai0tron.

Tides, I'll take you up on that FPS offer on Q3 or UT, but not tonight. I gotta go to sleep, got work tomorrow. Actually, I wonder how many Head-fi'ers we could get doing some Deathmatch or something? Hmm...
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