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Oh Heck, I'll start it - AKG K 1000 Appreciation Thread

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What can I say, they're not even my headphone of choice, but there's no doubt that these are a very special and capable phone. Every serious head-fi'er needs to own and live with these phones for an extended period. Sure they're picky, and they have their sonic signature which needs the appropriate electronics, but I can't think of a more rewarding headphone to build a system around. Right now, I have a K 1000, PS-1 and W2002 in the apartment (and a Sensaphonics 2X-S), and the K 1000 is by a significant margin the headphone I enjoy the most.

Comeon, show your K 1000 love.

Best regards,

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I love my K3000s
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The K1000 is definitely one of the best headphones I've heard. It paired amazing well with my RKV MKII amp. The combo is amazing and in the same level of sonics as my Senn HD-650 w/ Zu.
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The K1000 is a very different animal, to be sure. I don't know anyone who has put them on who hasn't said that at the very least. I find that, when I have the time to commit to serious listening, they really bring the music to life.

I wish that I had more time to spend with them...
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Since selling my SE EL34, I am back to running my K1000 out of the Raptor. The Raptor has been doing a great job driving them. Between my HD-650 and K1000, the K1000 are my first choice.
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My K1000 is one headphone that I'll never sell. It sounds great when driven by my 300B tube amp. And, when the temp and humidity are high here in Florida, it's the coolest of all headphones to wear. Three cheers for the K1000.
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read my sig
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Old Flames Never Die...

I’ll always reserve a special spot in my heart for the K1000 – we were together for several months and during that time we shared some great moments. Sometimes I regret moving on (though Jason is now currently enjoying her company) but in the end we were simply incompatible. I’ll always appreciate the K1000’s strengths and its unique approach to music reproduction is still sans peer.
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I love 'em too, but right now I can't use them because my RKV is out on loan! URGH!!! You guys are really making me miss them. They're right here, but no mere mortal amp will drive them!
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I love them ,but with all the other phones I have they get neglected.
I need to drag them out & spend some time in my main system with my new Dared 300b mono-blocks.
I also use my Krell KSA5 ,but need to crank the volume up all the way,but in a quite enviorment they sound great out of that amp.
Then there is always my Conrad Johnson Preimier 12 monoblocks
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I have not heard these phones, but I'm certainly curious with so many respected head-fier's enthusiastic endorsement.
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The K1000 + RKV Mk2 system I heard at Jan Meier's meet was something special. The word to describe it is "fluid". This may not sound like a spectacular word, but you have to hear it to believe how totally immensely natural, effortless and full they sounded. Still one of the best systems I heard, and my personal system of choice just for enjoyment

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The K1000/RKV combo stopped my full-sized can purchases dead in their tracks for about two years.......that's how good the combo is. The only full-sized can I've purchased since is the Grado SR-325i a few months ago. Why? Not to try and get "better" sound, but simply because it's a new Grado.
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I gotta add to the K-1000/RKV props. This combo is unreal, and one can roll the opamps in the RKV and further tailor the sound.

Actually, the K-1000 is the only piece of gear I've owned that actually blows away my non-audio saavy buddies. And it has the side advantage of making you look like a member of Devo when you wear em'.
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Except for the lack of bass, it's a more than capable headphone.

Thumbs up!

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