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hd-83 amp

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Has anyone heard of the HD-83 headphone amp manufactured by a group called World Audio Design?

This is a valve based design.

I would be interested to get people's feedback on this unit.
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Yes, this is a good amp, and I have already commented on it several times recently. Do a search.
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Will do.

Did you build this yourself Ross? Was it difficult to build?

I intend on using this with the HD-600s. What's the verdict?
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Costas, I started building it myself, but had to have a professional finish it for me because I found it really hard to build. I would suggest that only experienced DIYers should attempt this kit.

It sounds fantastic with the Sennheiser 600s and is very good value for money (even allowing for the (under-)value of the A$, customs and shipping costs).
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Thanks for the info Ross. I just finished building a Corda headamp and found that pretty straightforward so I hope the HD-83 wouldn't be much harder to build.

Have you listened to the Corda at all? If so, how does it compare to the HD-83? (Probably a difficult comparison as one is valve and the other SS - not to mention crossfeed)!
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