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`Thermal rubber rings for tubes`?

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Nik (I'm getting HP4 from him) told me that he just received something that he called `thermal rubber rings for tubes` and apparently they improved imaging a bit and I can have that for a mere 48 USD (16 x 3 USD per piece). Anyone heard of such thing before? What particular kind of snake oil is that?

(I personally don't think it is worth a try for me at this point, but I'm still curious of whether this sort of heatsink [I assume that's what it is] is actually commonly used with tubes and if it helps at all or not.)
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rings for tubes

Hi Denis,

the rings are veru knows to the owners of tube electronics... the work of this little rings (that keep the temperature of the tubes) is to estabilzer the vibrations of the ubes and so the imaging of the sound go better..

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Re: `Thermal rubber rings for tubes`?

I have edited this post. I have had further discussions with Nik, and believe that the problems that occurred were due to the language barrier, and that there was no intent behind the misunderstanding that occurred. So, I see no reason to leave my previous comments posted at all.
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Sorry for the disadvantage, but I haven’t any problem to sell the HP-4 for 1500$ instead than 1700$ the only different are the tubes and the rings that I’m selling for the same price that I paid, only this.
zzz you know this…

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Ok, I just wired the money, so now I don't care (well, I do, but if I don't get the amp, I will make it ugly). No, I had no idea somebody was buying this amp at the same time as me.

And yes, it was 1500 for the amp + 100 for GD tubes + 100 for shipping from Italy. I decided to stay away from the magic tweaks for now.
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