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How do you clean RCA connectors?

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I am restoring an old amp that I have. The RCA connectors are all tarnished. I can use steel wool to clean up the outside of the jack. But how do you clean the inside of the female connector?
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Don't do that, you may destroy the contact surface. Use antioxidant and cleaning fluid. Kontak and Deoxit are a little expensive but I think Radio Shack has something that will work.
Apply it on a pipe cleaner.
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Thanks Anders

the radio shack contact cleaner is isopropyl alcohol. Will that deoxidize the surface?
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What I have seen, isopropyl alcohol cleans dirt but not oxides. I have tried Kontak and it is effective but costs about $40. Besides, you can clean all other connections too and get a supply that will last a few years. There may be something cheaper that does the same job, but I have no suggestion.
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DeOxit D5 does a superb job.
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The Absolute Best! rca cleaner is the Signet rca cleaning tool, for both m/f rca's. It's back in production.

Try Music Direct @

Not only is this the Best!, it is actually the only rca cleaner that is even 1/2way decent.
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Thank everybody. Got some Deoxit from Fry's for $9 last night. Big difference between treated connector and non-treated. Used pipe cleaner for cleaning the the inside. Don't know how it work but the Signet tools looks good. I'm going to order some today.
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