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Ok, so I'm only half done the "barebones" amp designed by Chu Moy. Its still on the protoboard. Anyway, I thought you guys might find it interesting if I compared this with my very non-DIY Creek obh-11.

The first thing I noticed about my new toy is its lovely frequency response. The Creek is strong in the midrange, but kinda drops out in the "sweet" spot. The cmoy is a sweeter sounding amp, and is smooth and soft on the percussion - whereas the Creek would give more biting percussion. The obh has fatter bass but seemingly less extension than the diy. The result is that the Creek's bass tends to pound, whereas the diy would rumble - literally; My ears tickled because the deep bass passages would make my Grado earpads vibrate on the cmoy. So the cmoy would play with finesse while the Creek would slam it out.

The second thing I noticed about the cmoy was the impressive detail. Its my guess that its sweetness (strong 3-5 kHz?) emphasizes transients and decay. The imaging is also more comfortable. I notice that highly compressed music is bloody irritating to listen to on the Creek, but less obnoxious on the cmoy -> this might have something to do with its soft highs, but strong mids/low-highs; the cmoy sounds less tinny. One more thing about the imaging. The Creek has a wider soundstage and more of a wow factor to it than the diy, but the cmoy appears more dynamic; there's more movement in my head from the middle to the sides. Its tough to say how these amps compare in the forward to back sense. My cd player is not so hot (1992 Sony changer).

In the end though, I'd probably do more of my listening to the Creek because it sounds so meaty. The cmoy sounds like the most refined piece in my system though... but it looks terrible , kinda like the Millenium Falcon of home audio . Anyhoo, I'll be tinkering with this new toy of mine and see how well it does as the Apheared 47. btw, I used the 2 x 9 volt battery config in my power supply. Happy listening, and God bless.