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drews sold me a Sik DIN at a fair price. He was very clear in his communication about when he would send it and responded to each of my pms. The shipment arrived promptly and included an unannounced bonus: a Monster cable with mini-RCA plugs and a 1/4 to mini adapter. Very nice.

I am pleased to begin the feedback thread for this highly recomended head-fier.
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Great communication and items arrived well packed.
As with previous buyer, he also included a bonus airline adaptor for me.
Great seller.
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I purchased a pair of AKG K701 from Drews, fast shipping and excellent phones. DO not hesitate to do busness again.
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i purchased a mini - mini interconnect from drews and he said he would include a free koss ksc75! drews even put his package in the mail before he received my money in snail mail.
the package came very quickly and i found another free gift in the package; a 1/8-1/4 adaptor.

i wish there were more sellers like drew and would not hesitate to do business with him in the future.
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Drews is awesome. He gave me a free logitech wireless mouse to go along with the Grado 1/4 to 1/8 adapter. Very quick shipping and just a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend Drews as someone to buy from.
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purchased 5 Pros from drews. prompt shipping, friendly PMs. highly recommended
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I bought a TBAAM from Drews. Great guy - even included a bonus Dell flash drive and other little USB knicknacks! Drews was very responsive and shipped quickly. Highly recommended!
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aci force sub

fair price, excellent communication, nice extras, fast shipping

drew is pleasure to deal with.
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Bought a coupla headphones from drews. He was very communicative, he shipped promptly, did an EXTREMELY GOOD packaging job, and was all-in-all a real pleasure to deal with. Actually, this was one of the best commerce experiences I've ever had on Head-Fi.

Highly recommended! Thanks Drew!
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I bought a used Zhaolu D2C from Drew and if I hadn't known it was already used, I would've thought it was in brand new condition. A great seller overall
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bought his dt880. all good
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Exchanged a set of AKG for his set of AT. This transaction was as smooth as silk . Drew is very prompt in communication as well as taking care of the transaction. I've also got a free set wireless phones which Drew shipped as a bonus for the deal.

What can you ask for more ?
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Drew is one of the best, most polite people on Head-fi I've had the pleasure of dealing with. I bought a pair of AKG k701s in impeccable condition from him. They came packed extremely well, within the original box, and he threw in a lighted USB 2.0 cable! Holy cow! Highly recommended!
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Drew sold me a super custom HD580 and a custom MDR-v6 at a steal of a price. I coudln't ask for a better transaction. He was quick to respond and quick to ship too. He even included an extra freebie for me. I have nothging but good things to say about him. Please don't hesitate to do business with him. One of the best here on Head-fi.
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bought his es7 this time. excellent transaction
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