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In-the-ear headphones damage your ears

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Hi, well I was considering about buying a pair of in-the-ear headphones. (Shure e2c) Although my friend recommend to me that I not buy them. He says that in the ear headphones "hollow out your ear canal due to vibrations directly againsts your canal lining" Also "close exposure to high db will also ruin your ear drums."
I really want to know if this is true or not?
Have there been studies on in-the-ear headphones?

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http://sensaphonics.com/ - check out the articles and stuff

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Originally Posted by jumpinjohn1234
Although my friend recommend to me that I not buy them. He says that in the ear headphones "hollow out your ear canal due to vibrations directly againsts your canal lining"
They may also promote the production of thick bushels of ear-hair and mess up your spine
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I'm very sorry, I can't hear you. Must be something wrong.
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I have never heard the first allegation about your ears being hollowed out. I can not imagine that it is true. The second is an issue with canal phones or headphones or speakers for that matter. If you listen too loud you will damage your hearing. I have found that since they isolate you from the outside noise you can listen at much lower volumes.
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I'd say your friend is feeding you a gullible sandwich, and it's up to you to stop eating it. My ER6i's neither need to be driven to insane SPL/dB's, due to the fact that outside noise is minimized to a great extent. At a theater/pub I work at, I can run a high dB vaccuum and barely hear a hum of it while I isolate by way of ER6i's, and I ususally have my volume much lower to drown out whatever hum there is. Also, if hollowing out your ear canal was possible by this vibration, don't you think you'd already have gaping holes in your skull from listening to what goes on around you on a daily basis?

Just asking, because I'm hoping your friend doesn't try selling you on Bose QC2's

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You should definetlty be fine if you dont listen to them that loud. I listen to my er6is on my ipod at MOSt half way
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Well your buddy was conversing with an old wife on that first line, but everyone must show caution with IEM's, as the lack of "body bass" encourages folks to turn up the volume to sometimes dangerous levels. Cherish your hearing, and listen with your brain, and everything will be good.
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Your friend is absolutely right in the second point. The key point of IEM's is that due to the increased isolation, PROVIDED YOU HAVE COMMON SENSE you can listen at lower volumes before outside noise overpowers what you want to hear.
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mmhm I guess I was a bit vague on what I was trying to ask on. "will close exposure to high db your ear drums?" What I meant was since e2c are IN-the-ear headphones and are place deep into your ear drums. Is it bad having those "vibarations" starting very deep in your ears bad?
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whether you listen to the song on speakers or with IEM's the sound waves will still hit your ear drums (thats how we interprete sound). having the speakers closer to your ears at lower levels instead of speakers louder and farther away makes no difference. the key is not to blast it
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The only IEMs i had problems with were the ETY and the stock flange tips. Once i cut the tips down similar to the sony EX71 it was alot more enjoyable. I had to send the ETY6i back but im using the ETY tips on the E3s and they have about the best seal. They still can create air between the tip and my ear drum and cause some mild discomfort but the seal helps the sound.

When i first tried the ETY6i with the flange tips i thought my ear drum poped it hurt so bad when i took em out. They also didnt fit good in my ear and i had problems laying on them. E3s are perfect so far, and i got em for $40. so i cant complain.
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I have the Able Planet noise cancel headphones, but I have to throw them out and get a different brand. They kill my head and ears after about 25 minutes.


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nothing wrong with the Able Planet sound, the noise cancels great. sounds are fine. but structurally they crush your head/ears. not as bad as some cheap headphones crush, but enough that you can't do much with them. they should install an adjuster. everybody in NYC has these orange headphones, they're like $160, I'm going for those




and if you're trying to record vocals, you can't have pressure on your jaw or head or ears, it interferes with singing flexibility. all the music we hear nowadays is the sound of people wearing headphones. haha. think about that.

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