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Source selector

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Anyone knows a good source selector device that I could use with EAR HP4? 3-5 inputs, one output, nothing fancy. A couple of balanced inputs/outputs is a plus, but not a requirement (I think EAR has a switch on the back that toggles between the ones it uses, so it's not a big deal).
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Hello! Do you mean something like the Niles AXP-1?

I have this and it works great! Just need to buy a lot of high quality cables if you're after the best possible sound.
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Cool, thanks!

I'm kinda curious what the state of the art in `source switching only` devices is though .
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Ignore my note below. Didn't know the EAR HP4 was a balanced model. Those must sound real sweet. You will need professional broadcast devices to satisfy your requirement. Look at the RDL model listed here.

It really depends on what you are planning to do source switching on. Here's a short summary that I am aware of - is this what you're referring to? Are you switching analog and/or digital audio? Video? Both? Since this is a headphone forum, I am assuming you just need the audio portion.

Audio Switching
1. Analog - L/R RCA jacks
2. Digital - choice of switching
Optical - using TOSLINK fiberoptic cables
Coax/SPDIF - using digital coaxial

Video Switching

Composite/RCA - RCA
S-Video - 75 ohm S-video cable
Component Video (Y, Cb, Cr)
BNC connectors

Some sites to go to -
Audio Authority, Key Digital Systems, Extron, etc,
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