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Search didn't turn up a feedback thread for AndrewG yet, so I get to start it.

I bought a Go-Vibe from him and the transaction went perfectly. No complaints whatsoever and I look forward to dealing with him again.

Thanks! -Rodbac
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Bought some e4's from Andrewg. He shipped them quickly and they are in great condition. Would gladly deal with again.
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Great buyer!
Fast payment and very considerate!
Please take good care of those RS1 =)
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Would Advise Caution. I sent money before I received his goods due to some good feedback but have not received all my CDs.

Brief Timeline:
~August 21: Purchase 10 CDs from AndrewG. Ask him to hold on to them and send them to me when I arrive at my dorm. He is very accomodating and agrees to do so. He is supppse to ship on 9/1.

Sept 5th. I contact him he says he lost my address I send it to him

Sept 18th: I ask him whether he has sent the CDs. He says he has.

Sept 28th: I receive 7 CDs. And I contact him and tell him that his shipment was missing 3 cds. He responds that he got somewhat confused by all the orders and he will contact me.

Oct 1: He asks for my address again and I give it to him.

Oct 25 (Current): Still no word. He has turned of PMs. At this point I have decided to post negative Feedback.

I would also mention that he never took the initiative to contact me but when PMed he did send me a response relatively quickly.
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He bought an LP from me - fast payment and very responsive.
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I bought an amp from him and there was a small issue. I contacted him and he immediately took care of the situation to my satisfaction. I would buy from him again. Thanks Andy!
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I had a trade with Andy.
We agreed to trade one external harddrive (his side) for one smaller external harddrive and an internal harddrive (my side).
Shipping was pretty slow on his side (about 3 weeks). He did need to move files from the harddrive he was sending me to the harddrives I sent him, but I hoped for just a shade faster turnaround.
At any rate, I did get the harddrive he promised and it was as described and, therefore, I'm pleased with the ultimate outcome.
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I bought a pair of AKG K701's off him and he shipped them promptly, they were packaged very well, they were in the conditioned described by him & he responded promptly to IM's.

I would have no hesitation buying from him again.
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Just traded my Shure 530 with Andy's X-Can V3 headamp and it was smooth transaction. Thanks Andy.
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DO NOT BUY from AndrewG.

I purchased the above pair of Shure SE530s from AndrewG 3 weeks ago now. Before the sale he stated that they would include the PTH module. When I received the headphones, the PTH was missing.

I PM'ed AndrewG asking him about this, as I thought he may have just left them out by accident. Firstly, he was unsure what the PTH was (even thou I had specifically asked him if it was included pre-sale) and then said he'd have a look for it. He also said in the PM that he would send it on if he found it or he would refund me part of the cost if he couldnt find it.

That was on the 29/10/08. I have still not heard back and when I try to PM him HeadFi states that he cannot receive PMs. I have also tried emailing him on his Paypal address, but have had no reply.

In conclusion I have paid extra for something that is missing. Hence, treat this seller with caution!

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Andrew bought my SE530s. Paid promptly, good communication, great transaction.
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Purchased my ipod Video. Great transcation.
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Andrew bought my Edition 9. Recomend for easy and fast transaction.
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Bought ESW10. Fast and easy.
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I bought a pair of Edition 8 from Andy.
Great guy, fast shipping with tracking number, he did shipped out the package right after I made a payment. Highly recommend on this guy.

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