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well, seeing as there are only three alessandro headphone models, i guess they have that covered pretty well

i hope they're good, i'd love to not have to deal with alessandro-products
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As far as I can tell, they aren't very fond of answering e-mails, but that's about all I am sure of.
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Originally Posted by Gigabomber
As far as I can tell, they aren't very fond of answering e-mails, but that's about all I am sure of.
alessandro or bennett studios?
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I have been researching Alessandro in this forum to find comfort while I anxiously wait for my MS-1's to ship. They are a birthday gift to me from my son (I'm proud of that, can you tell? LOL).  We ordered Monday night. They got the order Tuesday morning and have not shipped. I was told that they were backed up and had just rec'd a shipment last weekend. Although your post is five years ago, it is the first thing I've read that makes sense about the delays that I've read about. I am used to a next-day shipping turnaround with companies w/in the States.


The only reason that I have as much 4-11 as I do is because I called Grado when at last I called Alessandro and didn't even get the dreaded voicemail. Grado called too while I was on the line and they didn't get a voicemail either.  But again, having read your post and seen their website, it is safe to assume that you are correct. It's a small operation. On that note, I'll cut them some slack and give them the benefit of the doubt that they are doing their best with a small crew. The waiting is difficult though...no doubt about it. And patience is a virtue...that I'm short on today, L3000.gif.


Update: The MS-1's just arrived! No email, they just showed up. I'm so excited!!! With no burn-in (obviously, LOL) I tried it on Donald Lawrence's Back To Eden - the sound is right upfront and tight yet mellow on my ipod. The sound is smooth, not abrasive. All instruments are crystal clear. I can live with the bass because it is integrated rather than primary. I even heard lines in the bass run that I've never heard before. I'm a bass-head admittedly, but everything else in these cans is so well syncopated that I can live with this. Perhaps unfairly, I put them immediately to the Pavarotti test. They were adequate. I'll try this again after burn-in. They sounded a bit muffled in the middle on Luciano's Oh Sole Mio and rather flat and didn't give me that rush of sound on my beloved Nessun Dorma.


The bass does not thump but it is supportive of the other instruments in a rich cushion-like fashion. I will let these burn-in and get back to you on a fair assessment. Well done Alessandro and Grado...well done!

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