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Need AC power disconnect device

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I could make this, but am too lazy............

I need a device that will turn off power and keep it off after a brownout or power outage.

That is, if the power drops, the power is removed from associated equipment until manually reapplied. I keep my audio gear on all the time sometimes, but want it to stay off if power drops out and I am not home.
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I just looked at the new series of Monster Power conditioners and some offer that function.
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i would use a ups for that.

it would last until the batteries were depleted (not that likely unless you put a huge load on it, or the outage is rather lengthy)

and when the power came back on it wouldn't power the gear back up until it had cleaned up the power output.

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Naw, I would never by a Monster Conditioner, although they will disconnect power temporarily during a brownout. I also won't use a UPS on audio equipment.

I am just too lazy to make one. All I need is a couple of big 120vac relays, box, switch, and jacks and cables. But I am no longer much of a DIY guy.
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Uh, so what your saying is you won't build it, but you don't want the apparent choices either??
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Originally posted by Budgie
Uh, so what your saying is you won't build it, but you don't want the apparent choices either??
The "apparent choices" are expensive, and pretty boutique rips.
And they do not disconnect "until manually reset", they turn the power back on on their own. I don't want to do that.

My power, when it goes out, goes on and off a few times. Not good. When I am home, I am running around the house turning off things, including air conditioner, fast, in the dark. Good thing I have power off auto backup lights and flashlights all over the house.

I won't build it, really, because I don't know off a good case or box I could use. When you work with 110vac power you need good sturdy stuff. The container is the problem.
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