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Northwest Meeting Report

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Well, as I was evidently the first person to get back to my computer (my dad wanted to leave early), I figure I should give some form of report.

Tyll brought *everything* HeadRoom sells, and some stuff it dosen't, all *very* creatively (and I mean this in a positive sense)packed in the HeadRoom RoadTrip GrayBoxes. Yes, the Orpheus and Baby Orpheus were there, as was the Stax Omega II, the Blockhead (with both HD-600 and RS-1 headphones) the New and Old Maxes, and even a pair of Sony V600s! (yes, V600, not V6) The only headphone that weren't there were the R10-Kings, and I don't think HeadRoom has one of those. Unfortunately, Tyll didn't have the test equipment (Fritz and the computer) unpacked and working, so I couldn't test my UltraCrapophones. (Neruda knows what I mean, they make the V600DJs sound good)

There were more amps there than I'll *ever* see in one place again. There was even a Corda, although the volume control on it was *crap*. There was *every* amp that Headroom sells there (including about 30 Homes)with the exception of the Supreme. Total estimated value of the stuff Tyll brought? Around $200,000, according to him.

There were only seven or eight headphiles there;
Tyll, Neruda, Budgie, Deepriver, Deepriver's wife, myself, my dad, my grandma, and Neruda's mom was there for an hour or so.

Alas, I forgot to bring my digital camera...
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Hehe, Apheared and I took care of the pictures at HE01. Chu, open the archives already! My beautiful artwork is there! Pictures of the Blockhead, the Orpheus, the EAR V.20, etc. But perhaps another one of you lucky guys took pictures.
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