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do you mean the wal-mart surge suppressors.... as in the power strips/surge protector strips?

any links to products?


*my apologies about my confusion*
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And yet one more thing, I don't recommend using a UPS for hi-fi audio gear. Most UPSes will take the AC signal and turn it into DC to charge the batteries and will then run the AC from the batteries (of from the DC current that charges the batteries too). This isn't so bad but what happend next is. When the DC is converted back into AC it's usually done in the cheapest way possible which results in a squarish wave. Most audio gear isn't going to care for this and would rather be fed a nice, clean, perfect sinus.
And yet in the end don't the hifi stuff require DC?

I feel that the ultimate power tweak would be to use AC to keep a fat battery constantly topped off and use the battery to power your hifi... if only hifi equipment had a plug for direct DC input to bypass the power transformers...

On another note, there are three ways to invert the DC back into AC:

1. square wave
2. modified square wave
3. sine wave

Now I suppose the power transformer is designed for (3), and (2) would be bad for it (the red line) but wouldn't the plain square wave (blue line) be just perfect? Run it through a full-bridge rectifier and you have already got constant voltage DC!

Or is there going to be bursts of HF noise at the transistion points instead?
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