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Feels like I'm starting a lot of these lately but it's always nice welcoming a new Head-fi'er to the great For Sale Forum here. Veniogenesis purchased a pair of Sony MDR-SA5000 headphones from me. Transaction was very smooth. He communicated to me upfront very clearly when he could pay. Then he paid exactly when he said he would. And he didn't panic when the USPS took an extra few days to deliver payment. Communication was excellent throughout. Highly recommended buyer.
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Sold Thomas a AV710. It was a very easy transaction and he was more then a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to do business with him again!
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Thomas sent me his SA5000's to fix and recable. Communication was great. He shipped them immediately and included the paying in the package. Everything was perfect. I hope you are once again enjoying your headphones!

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I bought Thomas' MDR-SA5000's. Great communication, fantastic packing job, lightning-fast shipping... what more could you ask for? Highly recommended seller! Thanks Thomas!
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Thomas bought my PS Audio GCHA amp. SUPERB communication, fast payment as well. Also let me know quickly when the amp arrived and that all was OK.

A true pleasure to deal with, and a real class act! Highly recommended. Enjoy the amp!
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Thomas purchased my PPX3 SLAM. This transaction went smooth as silk. Excellent communication throughout. Highly recommended! Thanks again, Thomas!
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I bought a Fubar DAC and it was a most pleasant experience. It was in better shape than indicated and it was shipped before I even paid for it. You can't ask for better service than that.
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Bought a pair of K701s from Thomas. Smooth transaction, fast shipping. Thanks again.
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Great Buyer

Great communication and extremely prompt payment! Thanks dude and please do enjoy your new woodies!
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I bought a pair of ATH-W100s from Thomas, and can not say enough to recommend him to others. He was ready to send them to me even before I had had a chance to send him the payment. Very, very quick and smooth transaction and I now have a pair of beautiful W100s to add to my woody collection.

Thomas is a great asset to our community, and an all-around nice guy!

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sold lambda pro. very nice transaction
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Bought an amplifier off Thomas. Great communication, very nice, great guy to deal with. Thanks!
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I sold Thomas a PINT board. Fast payment and good communication.
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Thomas purchased my Mister X built PINT amp. He was very polite and sent the payment quickly. I couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction. Hope you like the amp.
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My second transaction with Veniogenesis. This one was as smooth as the first. He purchased a vintage PCDP from me. Just a nice, polite guy to deal with. Highly recommended.
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