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improving my source...

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I've got the headphones, I've got the amp....my source isn't all that great.

This is my setup:

CD-Reader/Apollo mp3 > GameTheater XP > CAL Gamma > Corda HA-1 > Grado 325.

now the gametheater upsamples so the DAC quality if the Gamma makes no difference, however the amp in the GT sucks and makes noise, so I use the Gamma to clean the signal through digital and push it to my Corda.

I tried a Dio2448 passthrough and it didn't work out right. so that wont work. I don't know what to do next.
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I'd suggest getting a stand-alone CD player. The difference will be amazing, I should think. How much are you willing to spend?
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few hundred, tops, at the moment. I already have about 1 grand invested in my audio setup and I want this $875 monitor...
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"Few" hundred doesn't say much. I assume you're in the 300-400 USD range (correct me if I'm wrong). There are several very good players in this range. First for me comes Marantz CD 6000 OSE. By now you should be able to get it at around 400 USD. For that money it has amazing build and sound. Than, there are some nice machines from Cambridge Audio (D-500SE) and NAD C541.
Many folks around here would recommend Denon changer. I'm not one of them though.
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I own the NAD c541 (see my profile). I paid $350 for mine, it retails for $500. It is now designed to play CDRs and HDCDs. Yes, I could have bought a Rega Planet, Njoeb Tjoeb or the Marantz, but for the money I could not pass the NAD up. Check this link to their website for a review from The Gramophone:


Good luck!

Regards - reynman
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right now I use mp3s because I don't have to swap CDs...so for a CD player system to work for me I need a nice big CD changer.

I was wondering, since I have a decent dac, is there anything out there that costs less because all it does is change and play CDs, then output everything through digital to an external DAC and amp?
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Well, while there are 5-CD changers available with excellent transport mechanisms (like the Sony SCD-C333ES), mega-storage changers that hold 50, 100, or even more CDs are sure to make lower-quality transports. If you must get a changer as a transport and have a limited budget, perhaps the Denon DCM-370 will be good enough. But your best bet would be to spend a bit more and get the Sony SCD-C333ES. It's a very good player, and you wouldn't need to get an external DAC for it. Also, after listening to the 333, you'd probably abandon MP3s altogether.
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Sirwar: I second the Marantz CD-6000OSE recommendation. If you need alternatives, you could also go with the NAD C521 or C541, the Denon DCD-685 or maybe the Harman-Kardon HD-750. Another possible solution could be the portable Panasonic SL-CT570, if your DAC has an optical input.

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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I think Jude and I will both second DanG's rec -- if you can afford $550, go for the 333ES. Otherwise, the NAD 541 is great, as is the Cambridge 500SE.
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or you can do what i'm doing.

Get a turntable!
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