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Hello, I'm that person who Gluegun is trying to teach how to be an audiophile. I don't like to write a lot, but since the topic is about me, I guess I'll have to say couple of words.
1. My name is Max, I'm 14, I'm a DJ/Producer.
2. My Main Genre Is Electronica, more detailed...Trance.

My Equipment:
2 CDJ-100's
1 Numark DM2002X (never buy it !!!)
1 pair of Sony MDRV-700's

My Goal is to create a song that will bring people attentions weather they are ravers, rockers, hip-hopers....Kind of like what the song "Darude - Sandstorm" did to US (The country that will probobly never get into the Dance Scene as much as Europe is)

My Main reason why I want to be an audiophile is because i probobly won't be able to make my goal reality, if I wouldn't know the basics and advanced features that audiophie knows. What I mean by that...is right now I have no idea how I can create a song that will bring people attention, i know i can try to play with the baseline, beat, melody...but even that won't be enough. Also the Equalizing part would be harder for me if I wouldn't have good Equipment, esspecially right now I have V-700's which are really tough to deal with when it comes to EQ.

Equipment Wise: As you have probobly read what equipment I have allready...I was thinking of buying some products that Audiophile uses (anybody got tips on that?) Gluegun allready recommended me to buy the Sony V6 headphones...anything else?

Well I hope I gave enough Information to sattisfy your questions.
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The secret revealed...



There's an episode of Dexter's where Dex is following a crazy, talkin-to-himself homeless guy around a store, who has this pile of sh*t on his head lie a 10 ft hat, which Dex thinks (because of the gadgets) that it's really an antenna for talking to aliens...

Anyway, Dex drags him back to the lab and "fixes" his "broken antenna" and then activates it.. it changes the guy up, and he begins to speak..

Now read my sig and remember it the next time you see this episode.

(that is ME and my take on DIY... not Dex, the bum!)
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Um, you all kind of misunderstand. I wanna help teach him to have an EAR for really good mixing and engineering in music, stuff that audiophiles like (tight bass, a sense of place, stereo imaging, hearing lots of layers yadda yadda yadda), so that he can recreate all of those effects in his music, which he will compose (that's seperate from mixing in a club, where audiophlie stuff goes out the window, and we ALL know it), thereby bringing a new definition to most electronica, which doesn't pay attention to what audiophiles care for...music mixed in a way to make good equipment shine....
Well, I don't think you need to teach your friend about stereo imaging.

But when it comes to layers I think you should direct your Trance DJ friend to the more popular European progressive trance DJs.

I don't listen to American trance because I know it's trash - my friend let me listen to some of the stuff he listens to and the music is bland with very little layers of sound. Very cheesy and... well, crappy.

But there are some fantastic European Trance DJs out there. There's Sasha and there's John Digweed (he now has a more minimalistic approach to his newer stuff but his older compilations are much more complicated and layered).

There's also Dave Seaman and Nick Warren, although I'll have to say Dave Seamn isn't THAT great at layering.

These guys are amazing - they know how to subtly add in and take out layers of sound, and they know how to transition well between songs.

An ABSOLUTE must - Have your friend buy Global Underground 013: Ibiza by Sasha and have him listen to the second CD immediately. Heck, even you should give it a try.

After that, have him buy Sasha and Digweed: Northern Exposure III: Expeditions.

Now, I'm no audiophile, so I don't know if the layering that these DJs do is up to par with what you audiophiles call "good layering." Gluegun, I think it might be a good idea to give these two albums a whirl and see if you think it is audiophile material. If it is, you should suggest those two albums to your friend.

I hope I've helped.
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