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They quit manufacturing the HD 580 years ago when the HD 600 came out. The HD 580 and the HD 600 use the same drivers which were updated:http://www.headfonia.com/sennheiser-hd650-600-and-580-updated-drivers/

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for removal

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Of course it's not available new anymore. I meant used HD580s. But for a while HD 580 and HD 600 were together new on the market. I wonder how does sound of HD580s with white drivers compare to the old 580s (before changing the name plate look and drivers' screens) which I like so much. Anyone with white drivers? I need information about physical features of this version - name plate, and how are drivers' screen built exactly. Difference between the old and the new dark screens below (see original for details):




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I vote that the last picture there gets put in the Pics of headphones thread.

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Wow such a long thread...seems a shame to let it die....anyway I still use my mint condition 580s , but now I also use them with the great FiiO E11 k
Anyone know a good place and prucrice to buy a new orig pads.....not a copy.....and the 650 lead ?.... Thanks in advance....from the uk.
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Well found this on amazon uk....looks a very good price, .just ordered it...sound to be a orig part ?....looks like it anyway..?


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I would give Sennheiser in the UK a call at +44 1628 402 217 or 0203 0144 152. I"m sure they would carry the parts. Link: http://headphonespares.sennheiser.co.uk/

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