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Over on the HD 650 thread there are a few of us trying leather pads on our HD 580/600/650s! So I made a YouTube video for my channel if you're interested. Any support and feedback is appreciated!

Video Link:
Mossy Lane Tech - Sennheiser HD 580/600/650 Pleather Pad Mod


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IF anynone is interested. it's the second HD580 i owned and sold to a friend of mine. He added a new headband, HD600 grills and a custom Cable from Forza Audioworks. Really gorgeous. My friend sells it currently in the FS forum. :beerchug:

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If yo have an idea to sell ,I will buy your lovers.

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i recently bought a used pair from ebay at 67€ and have been listening the last days continuousley. I like them very much but i still can't decide if i like them more than my HD650 which i will keep for the time being.

i'm so glad they have no drop outs and i replaced stock cable with the HD650 cable. Some paint has also come off of the headband and i replaced the headband cushion and the earpads. It's satisfying listening to them and i first thought they'd be much brighter than my HD650s but thats not true. Through my LD MKIII with C3G tubes they sound lush and fascinating. I almost want to relisten to my entire record collection having these on.

If they ever fail on me, i'm sure to get another HD580 or it's succesor the HD600 that's how much i liked them.

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The HD580 is a dark sounding headphone, so your initial assumption was so wrong. Haha

The HD600 isn't it's successor, the HD580,600,and 650 were in production at the same time at one point. The HD580 was just discontinued.
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Originally Posted by cCasper TFG View Post

The HD600 isn't it's successor, the HD580,600,and 650 were in production at the same time at one point. The HD580 was just discontinued.


The HD 600 wasn't so much a successor to the HD 580 as a direct carbon copy of it with a higher price.

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Supposedly the HD600 and 650 were made of a different plastic, but I don't believe it.

The hd580 required much less time to construct because they weren't Hydro dipped, and the grills were made of one material rather than 2. I am pretty sure the 600 and 650s drivers are 'matched' while the HD580's were not. This is what kept the price of these headphones at the $199 price point while the other 2 were hundreds more. Obviously the added time the HD6x0s took to make didn't cost the added price, which is probably why those 2 are still in production and the 580 isn't; higher profit margin.
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That's right - a printed pattern on the headband, aluminum instead of plastic for the back grille, and some carbon fiber trinkets were the innovations for the HD 600.


About driver matching, Sennheiser did it regardless of whether they said they did or not. You can compare two examples with Tyll's measurements:



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I could believe that, in my pair of HD580s I had a driver made in 05 and one that was made in 03 if I remember correctly. I found that kind of strange. The dates are printed right on the drivers cone.
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Originally Posted by spookygonk View Post

Just dug out my old pair of HD580 and will be taking them to use at work. Was thinking of trying a replacement cable on them, something cheap off ebay.  I know I could buy the HD650 replacemnt cable (I have them with my HD600s), but I've been looking at a couple of ones from a Chinese ebay seller called jiangzhan2012. The two I'm looking at are:

1.  White Furutech Headphone Upgrade Cable with Japan FURUKAWA PCOCC

2.  8 cores Flat braid Headphone Cable with 8 cores Silver plated 4N OCC

For just over £30 each, would either of these be worthwhile?

I picked up #2 last year sometime, I only noticed a difference in sound on my ipad, though no differences on any of my amps.

That said, most people won't like this style cable due to the microphonics whenever anything rubs up against the cable. The cable is somewhat stiff to boot, so those requiring flexibility may want to pass.

Build quality is top notch... it never felt like a diy product you see so frequently on ebay. I'm happy I picked mine up, but I may have been one of the first purchasers.

Maybe I'll mod some paracord on...
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Hello everyone,
I'm just want to ask that is there someone find the nameplate written inside hd580s is:"Made in Germany "? But not as "Ireland" If you have that please let me know.
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The new hd580s (after 1995,name plate is not flat) sound is not good, very dirty,slow,fatty,dark,unnatural sounding,

it's not recommended


the old hd580s (before 1995,flat name plate) are very different sounding cans,


& the German made/1993 made hd580s vocal timbre/quality are closest to the Orpheus,

the mid is very real,meaty sound, pure,smooth,clear,& natural, they have the best vocal in all dynamic cans



flat name plate:

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You mean like mine? I don't think they sound 'dirty' at all. Of course they are less detailed and bright than the hd800 I own. But they really sound great with my violectric stack.


I am curious about the older hd580's now.

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