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Look forward to your review of the Sparrow and your HD580s.

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My HD-580's just had their 4Th birthday a few weeks ago.   I've always depended on them for my classical listening.   I thought tho that they were wearing out.  They were beginning to sound flat.  I was just about to retire them and use my other, newer cans when I noticed that the ear pads felt flat and had lost their resilience.  I just couldn't toss them in the drawer and forget them so I decided to buy some placement pads.  After all, they are an old friend and deserve better.  I just got the replacement pads today and while removing the old pads I noticed the foam driver cover was coated with gunk and hair.  I have regularly tried to clean them but obviously that stuff just builds up to the point of blocking pretty much all high frequencies.  This is why they were sounding flat and lifeless rather than just having worn out.  I would include a picture of the old parts but I'll spare you that icky mess .   Well, with the new pads and foam screens in place, my old 580's are sounding great again.  So if you think your 580's are clean as a whistle and have had them for a few years without changing the pads, might I suggest that you consider this "tune-up" a inexpensive upgrade for our trusty old Senns.  I wouldn't have bothered if I didn't love them either.  Just a thought. 

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How do you remove the pads? I've had a bit of a poke, but it doesn't seem like they're the same as the 'twist & (un)lock' of my AKG701s.

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@Raptor34: Where did you get those replacement parts? From Sennheiser or where else? Thanks.

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Originally Posted by spookygonk View Post

How do you remove the pads? I've had a bit of a poke, but it doesn't seem like they're the same as the 'twist & (un)lock' of my AKG701s.


It's very easy.   I collapsed the headband to it's smallest size, giving more room.   Just put your fore finger under the inside of the pad and your thumb on the outside and pull outward until you see the pad move away from the ear cup frame.  It's just pressed in but it will take some force to get it out.  Hold on to the cup with your free hand.  It just pulls right off!   A word of warning tho, after you remove the foam screen,  the driver is unprotected so be carefull.  Don't poke around.  After you have the old earcup pad and screen off just replace them with the new ones.  Just push down on the pads until you hear a click, then you know the new part has seated.  Do this around the circumference of the pad.   I just firmly pushed and clicked until they were fully seated.   Really quite easy.  Hope this helps.

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Originally Posted by miyinan View Post

@Raptor34: Where did you get those replacement parts? From Sennheiser or where else? Thanks.

I got them from Sennheisers online store.  Part No. 50635   Took around a week to get them.

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I received my HD 580 recently.  I am loving the bass. I want to add a dac/amp to it to make the treble more prevalent. This will be a home set-up and I really don't want any portable dac/amp.


I thought about gamma 2 but I wonder if I need to add an amp after gamma 2. + It is kind of expensive.
Do you guys have any suggestion on dac/amp combo around $200?

I am most interested in Maverick Tube Magic right now.


Quick question about the tube magic, is it true that the signal doesn't go through the tube if you use headphone out?

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Well,i just bought a Cavalli-Kan Kumisa III amplifier from another member.It supposedly mates really well with the HD580.I'm going hook up my D4 Mamba DAC with it.I can't wait to hear it.img8655b.jpg

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For those who think this is a needed upgrade from either the stock HD580 cable or the HD650.I found a reasonably priced HD580/600/500 cable upgrade made with Mogami Quad conductor shielded cable,Cardas HPplugs and Vampire 1/4 plug, 
for $97 for 6ft and $118 for 10ft including shipping and taxes included.http://rwaudio.com/store#ecwid:category=173872&mode=product&product=423719 Updated!

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Oh by the way my CKIII sounds really good with my HD580s.Beautifully detailed and extended highs are reproduced.And more then enough power to bring out bass,impact and extension that unamped sources and "low power output portable amps" just can't accomplish.Very dynamic and transient response.Made for the HD580 IMO.

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Hi all, I recently just bought a pair of HD580s, new old stock.  I called up Sennheiser USA to inquire about the HD600 grills.  They quoted me about $12 for one, and $6 shipping, making it to be around $30.  Do you guys think its worth the money to change the grills?  I personally am fine with the esthetics of the plastic HD580 grills.  Thanks in advance!

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I would love to know the true difference between stock 580 grills and using hd600 grills on the 580.  

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