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Sennheiser HD595 Impressions Thread

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Hey people,

I am so in love with these phones right now. Good thing my girlfriend is away right now or else she might feel ignored. Anyway, it was 9am saturday morning and i was woken up by the inter-com. I thought, who the hell's buzzing me at 9am in the morning. Then i opened my eyes and looked out the window and saw the USPS delivery truck. YIPPIE!!!!! I jumped out of bed and ran barefooted downstairs. I wanted to hug the postman but he was already gone.

There, on the floor in the lobby, lay the 595s. Ran back up and opened the box slowly and carefully, savoring the moment. My sr60s were on the side table next to my bed. So i put them on while opening the box. As soon as i got it out, i inspected them really closely. PRISTINE condition. So i A/Bed them with a bunch of music from, acoustic to live concerts to classical to acapella, jazz, basically everything. Total time spent in bed before i had to get up cos i was too hungry, was 3 hrs.

Man, these phones are awesome! and they're not even burned in yet. When i listened to Nora Jones, Nirvana unplugged, Eagles, Vienna Phil live, i felt like i was there in the front center block. I literally had goosebumps. Also, i tested them on my Rio Carbon and Laptop. I can't wait to get a better soundcard and other stuff ( Sorry Mr Wallet ).

I can't really go into the technical aspects of it. All i can say is, there is a lot more space than i'm used to. Everything is very well balanced. Nothing seems to jump out at you. It is super comfortable, hardly could tell it was on. It smells great ( new headphone smell LOL ).

Btw, i got em for $180+ from yogi computers. A storefront from techbargains. Really prompt with email replies. 2-3 day shipping free.

Ok, now, gonna burn in these babies.

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I haven't noticed much of a change after burn in....love them!
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On first listen, I thought they're ok. Bought some Senn 650's and then went back to 595's for a listen and now think .... wow .... what good value the 595's are. Their beauty lies in the subtle things they pick up or don't pick up because it wasn't on the CD in the first place.
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Yeah, the HD595s rock. Great for everything. Enjoy!
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They were my first high end headphone purchase (not counting buying Sony MDR-V600s which were horrible) and they are still the ones I always go back to. I like my Grado 225s but if I could only keep one headphone for everything it would be the 595s.

Even my 2 yr old daughter picks them every time I let her listen to something...

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funny, if I am looking for some impact music I will select the 225s
for pure pleasure the 595s
nice to have both at times
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The thing about the 595s is that i can listen for hours and hours and my ears never get tired. My ears start to bleed after less than 2 hours with the sr60s. They are really exciting phones but my ears can't handle them for too long. But i'll still keep both.
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Yeah I really love my 595's too. I recently acquired a burned in pair of 580s and while I think the 580's are more lush and carry more weight on certain passages of music, the 595's certainly are very close in those aspects. But the 580's pale in comparison when it comes to pure fun in headphones. The 595's really are great when one needs to dissect their favorite productions with a scalpel. I think the instrument seperation and the sense of reverberation is actually alot better on the 595's as opposed to the 580s. and yes I totally agree about being able to listen to music for long periods of time without fatigue. (something that I can't get with my grados.) Althogh I reach for my grados ever time if I know that I'll be listening for a shorter duration. With the grados it's kindda like buring a candle at full flame, as where with the 595's it feels like one is burning a steady flame that's more refined. yeah the moral of the story is that the 595's rock!!!!!!!!!
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i have been reading these forums and other website reviews about these because i had internally made the decision these seem to be "for me". i finally bought them on monday, received em tuesday

they are my very first hi-fi component. a few days before i got them, i got a Total Airhead amp (any opinions from you guys, or suggestions on if i wasted my money, etc)

when i took them excited out of the box and tried them on my laptop (foobar2000 through an audigy2 and then thru the Total Airhead) i was a little disappointed. they sounded dull, sort of hushed and dim. it wasnt a volume issue, because i could turn it up and they would be loud, but still have a dullness to their sound, not very detailed and the highs seemed too low in volume. i am comparing the sound to the sound from my $30 HA-D350 headphones that i have always had, and just to how the songs had always sounded from radio/speakers/etc

i listened to them for hours into the night and left them on all night. the next day i did notice a difference in that the bass that became distorted very easily earlier was much more solid and alive. the higher notes started coming in a little more too.

since then i have been leaving them on during nights and days while i am away to burn them in more. by now they seem much better and alive, but i still have to adjust the equalizer (minorly) to add some extra highs around 1.8kHz-2.5kHz

here is a question i am wondering...i asked someone about this and he told me that playing mp3s that have poor recording quality is an issue. some i know they are bad, but other CDs that i have ripped myself using 320kbps LAME or 330kbps AAC still have the dullness.

is there a piece of audio hardware that i am missing that is the weak link in the chain here? are my 595's just not burned in all the way?

i do like the 595's funness and clarity (when the song playing has the clarity to begin with) and i do like their look...several times they are sitting on my desk and i want to put them on and listen even when i wasnt originally feeling like listening.

the earpads are firm but soft and comfy as i wear them now.

anyway, if anyone knows what issue i am talking about the muddy high-notes and has any hardware suggestions (that will really make a difference, i dont have $ just to burn for very minor things). also if there are some recordings i could buy that can showcase the true performance these headphones are capable of i am all ears. on acoustic guitar, these things shine and sound very natural, and i want something slower and intimate (being there in the music and savoring each note/word/etc...i have too many rock songs that are too loud and cant get too close otherwise i have to turn down)
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mine have been burning in for the past 250 hours and I think that they are still getting better with each hour. It's weird cause I could have sworn that I felt the same way about the phones around the 50 hour mark. but by the 100 hour mark they start to settle in a little bit. then if you burn them in with an amp, it opens up the highs a little more. I've talked to people who have been using them for more than 1000 hours and they swear that the phones keep on getting better. I think that is a false statement on their part... I think that it's just their ears getting more perceptive to the 595's awesome-ness as time goes on. The audigy 2 is not ideal for use on the 595's for their sampling rate isn't up to par with their specs. you might wanna check out the emu1212
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i just have to ammend what i said earlier about the 595's

i am now a "believer" or just "observer" in the burning-in factor..at least with these (my first ever) hi-fi headphones

earlier i lamented a bit how the highs seemed muddy, dim etc...

that is no more...i am amazed at the difference. the first week i had them, i had to set extra highs on the equalizer, and add a noise-sharpening DSP to make highs more crispy because they sounded flat.

after the 2nd week, i realized that it was actually sounding very unnatural with all the extra DSPs...and when i took them off, i realized the 595's seemed to magically sound much better, without any of the previous problems

now, all i have is a tiny (13%) of the 4Front headphone crossfeed DSP to make it sound better on headphones (feels like im even more surrounded in a 3D room). and that is it!

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You might not get many contributions to this thread. Most 595 owners, like me, don't visit Head-Fi much anymore. We don't feel any need to, as we've found our ideal phones and would rather spend the time listening to music.
It's sad, but there you go. If one searches, sooner or later one finds.

Anyhow, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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curse you people! i love my 555's but every time threads like this pop up i get the urge to put them up for sale
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Sorry fire,

But the fact is, the 595s are extremely incredible for their price. The comfort is amazing. I mean, i can put it on the whole day. And unlike the grados, my ears don't bleed after an hour. My posts also have started to decrease after getting the 595s. I'm just enjoying them too much. My grado SR60 is up on sale. Don't think i need them anymore, even though i have a soft spot for it. After all, it revolutionized the headphone world. But i'd rather it belongs to someone who'll treat them well rather than collecting dust.

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pp312, I know exactly what you mean.

Head-fi can be and IS a great place, but after a certain point, it can also turn into somewhat of an obsession. Head-fi and post-purchase anxiety don't mix very well at all No matter where you look, there'll always be something 'better'.. at least in the opinions of someone else!

With that in mind, I could not be happier with my HD-595's. My plan in the future is to reduce the amount of time I read about them, and instead use that time to listen to them!


Originally Posted by pp312
You might not get many contributions to this thread. Most 595 owners, like me, don't visit Head-Fi much anymore. We don't feel any need to, as we've found our ideal phones and would rather spend the time listening to music.
It's sad, but there you go. If one searches, sooner or later one finds.

Anyhow, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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