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The replacement cable for the 595 is $20 I think on amazon. I've never heard the 598 but I don't think they are too different. The hd600 and hd650 will be very different. If you wanna make a jump, i'd recommend the hifiman he400. These can be gotten about $300 used. 

Thank you for the suggestions. Something to ponder.....

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I am now listening to these cans again after shelving them for a couple of years and I must say I'm as impressed as when I first listened to them. A hd650 on a budget! I listen mostly to closed back headphones now but I did not know I missed depth and soundstage that these things offer! The mids are just lush and organic. I think a classic in the making!

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I got my hd595 since 2011, they are nice complement to my m50.


Recently i had this idea to add up more bass to my 595 not just to add +6 or +8 bass out of my Fiio E17. Since its a fully open headphone I split the headphone out of my E17 to my 595 and my altec MX5021, i disconnect both speakers and keep the subwoofer running on parallel. Tada! Deep felt rumbling as what sub bass should be. Yes i know, it killed the purpose of a headphone not to disturb others while using it. But its quite an experience to hear and feel a headphone with such sub bass is good.


Happy Listening!

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The X5 is an awesome pairing with the HD595s. The matching neutral signature produces when paired produces an even bigger sound stage and the HD595 is already huge. However, the black background of the X5 enhances the HD595 clarity to another level. It has to be heard to be believed. This is the pairing that I use to show off the X5's prowess. Here is an excerpt from my X5 review:


"The HD595s were the second best pairing that I heard. As very neutral sounding, open eared headphones, they have the largest sound stage of all my headphones in a mobile context. Matching the X5’s neutral signature, they project that black background very effectively enhancing the already very large sound stage. With nothing to get in the way of the details that X5 is capable of, the HD595 matches the NT6pro’s bell like clarity with a larger sound stage. The only thing holding the HD595 back is it’s neutral bass response. With no warmth, it may be considered to be bass light by some which the X5 helps to supplement with its touch of warmth. This only effects the HD595 pairing at excessive higher volumes where the bass falls off. However, the HD595 is my low volume top performer with the ability to reach deep with realistic sub-bass performance down to extreme lower volumes. Being my most comfortable and best low volume performers, they are what I like to listen to at night to fall asleep."



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had these before going to k701...kinda miss them :(

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I think these are very good entry lvl phones, especially with the inner plastic grill and cloth removal modification. I think they sound very clear, have a nice deep sound and forward sound stage with good separation. Also mids shine, and with the modification bass gains more impact but even without the modification this is a very nice sounding headphone. Very good for both music and gaming audio.

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