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I picked these up in a trade with braker218 back in June. They are in excellent cosmetic and working condition, him having owned them for only one month and me not using them much since being an owner. I find that they hurt the tops of my ears whenever I wear them for more than an hour and really want something more comfortable. I was away throughout most of July and haven't really had the time to make my mind up on these until just now. I have both the bowls and the 414s (modded using a quarter and cut very carefully and cleanly using an exacto knife).

I would preferably like to trade for a pair of either the SA1000 or SA3000 instead of a sale, as this would save me several transactions. If there isn't any interest, then I would be open to offers to sell these. Great sound, just not the right fit for me.

Pictures would be available if enough interest is shown.

Best Wishes,
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