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break-in time for HD565?

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Just got my sennhiser HD565 from sidergear for $120.There amazing,(much better overall sound than my home stereo,consisting of Mirage bipolar speakers,and yamaha reciever).
There refurbished.But i've bin told that they need some hours so that they sound right.How many hours?
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I have the same headphones as yours and think that generally 24-48 hours continual play should do the trick, particularly as yours has been refurbished
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I've had mine for a few weeks now, I'd say they're damned impressive! now, the theory says all headphones will need some breakin in to sound there best, but honestly, I don't remember how they exactly sounded fresh out of the box to make a comparison..

now, you say you like them right? just use em then I'd say what you can do is play some FM hiss through them at night when you're not wearing them, thats pretty save. not too loud tho, be carefull; just listening level. my Grado's took a good week to break in, and they're notorious for a long break in period...

unless you want do decide if you want to sell the in a week, just play music through them while they're on your head, k? thats what they're supposed to do.
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so,4 or 5 nights(9 hours each night) should probably do it right?
any coments?
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I used to have these. It took about 24 hours perhaps to smooth out the sound. However, there was a "secondary" break in that came after about a week or so (2-3 hours per day average use) and opened the bottom end.
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