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I sold Brian an amp. Communication was clear and quick, as was payment. Overall, a flawless transaction. I would easily do business with him again.
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Great guy

I sold Canuck57 a pair of Sennheiser HD 650's. Everything on his end was excellent. He communicated promptly and politely. He decided quickly and sent payment after shipping costs to Canada from the US were determined. However, the USPS messed up what would have been a flawless transaction by not holding up their end of the bargain with an unacceptable shipping delay. Thankfully, the headphones eventually got to their destination in one piece.

Thanks for being so patient Canuck57.
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Grado 225

Sold Brian some Grado 225s - great communication, fast pay, smooth deal.
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Sold Canuck57 my Grado 225s and Grado Ext. Cord.

Very prompt payment, and great communication throughout the transaction.

Would definetly deal with him again.
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Sold Brian pair of Super.fi 5eb's. Great communication and in general great to deal with. USPS to Canada seems slow, sorry that it took so long and thanks for letting me know you had recieved them.
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Brian bought my HeadAmp Lite. Commited buyer, no playing around. Highly recommended.
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Sold a pair of Grado SR325 to Canuck57. Prompt payment and no issues.
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sold Canuck57 a pair of grado rs-2's. Great guy to deal with and was prompt on payment. THANKS!
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bought a gilmore lite from Canuck57, great guy and very friendly. Shipping was lightning quick, highly recommended.
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Bought a pair of HD650 of Brian. Great seller, quick communication, and the item was as described. Thanks.
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Brian sold me his Grado 325s and it was an excellent transaction. The cans arrived promptly, well protected, and in great condition as described. Excellent communication and the cans sound great.

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Sold Brian my K-701's.
Smooooooth deal, no problems.
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Sold Brian an interconnect and Turbodock.

He paid promptly and the transaction went on without a hitch. Great head-fier!
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I sold Canuck57 a xenos amp. Everything went smoothly. Thanks!
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I sold Canuck57 igrados. Everything was perfect. Pleasure to do business with. Thanks.
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