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Need Advice on a Portable Amp

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I am new to Head-Fi but not new to the audiophile world. Headphones never received much attention. My home rig consist of MagnePlanars, Acurus Amp and Preamp combo, Music Hall Cd player and all Nordost Flatwire interconnects and speaker wire. I need something that can serve mulitple roles. The Ipod Mini, PSP and occasional home use are the focus. I currently own a set of Grado Sr60, SennPX100 and have a set of AKG K26P on back order at HeadPhone.com. The Grado's are left over from my Creek HeadPhone amp days. The headphone thing never stuck when I was batchelor, I had the freedom to let the Maggies sit front row and arrange the living around them. Now I found the isolation that headphones appealing and necessary. I need to find something to bring clarity and power to the Ipod and PSP(movies) but also be able to power the SR60's from the MusicHall. I am looking for something affordable(aprox $100). I truley listen to all genres from hip/hop to classical. I tend to fall in the middle for most listening(GnR, Black Crowes, Pearl Jam, Sabbath, Cream,NIN..you name it...etc...I just love guitar driven music and blues based stuff).
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Start here...

Welcome to Head-Fi!!

Just want to let you know there are stickies (popular threads) such as this:
Compilation of portable amps. Although it needs a little updating, it provides you with a good place to start with your price range. They are usually located at the top of each forum.

After finding a few you could be interested in, search the forums for user's reviews and comments. There are tons!

I noticed you have an iPod. I recommend using the Line out function of the iPod if you are going to be purchasing an amp. There are three possibilities, two being portable. You can use an iPod dock, SiK Din/Ram din or Pocketdock USB/Firewire. This will really add a huge difference to the sound and clarity of your music. I really noticed this when I did a quick test to see the difference between headphone out and line out.

Hope you enjoy your stay at Head-Fi!
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