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Go Vibe or Phortaphile V2^2 for my hd600?

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I'm looking for a portable amp for my hd600 and was looking around the price range of around $200 more or less. These are the two so far that I have come across with good reviews for my price range, any advice would be really great or if there are other ones in this price range that you guys can recommend. The V2^2 upgraded version looks good with the built in dc jack input, thought if I get this, I would be able to use this as a dedicated home amp as well. Please advise.
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I've never heard a Go-Vibe but know they're well regarded for the price... but if you've seen feedback from folks with the Portaphile they tend to say it compares very well with amps costing twice as much. The DC jack is actually an extra part you purchase and can't be used at the same time as battery powered.


I've had a good run with my Portaphile but will likely be selling it in a month or so to make way for a Hornet... provided I actually prefer the Hornet. That remains to be seen.

FWIW Cesar tunes the amp using HD-580s.
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Just to clarify, the maxed V2^2 does have an integrated DC jack that switches power from the battery to the DC jack once a jack is inserted into the plug. You can now safely keep a battery inside when using the amplifier with an external power supply. This was not possible with the original V2.
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Thank you, looks like I'm more likely leaning towards the Portaphile V2^2, any feedbacks from Portaphile owners or anyone else. BTW what is the price range of the go vibe?
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go vibe's price range:
MkII : $69 USD
MkIII: $89 USD

optional: $6USD for op-amps.

Headsave Go-vibe

There's a deal going on now through Sept30. Both op-amps and a mini to mini interconnect at no additional cost.

Pretty good deal
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I've never heard a Portaphile, but I do know that both MKII and MKIII Go-Vibes are great values for their cost and work well with Senns. The Portaphile amp may sound better (I wouldn't know) but it is also more expensive, especially if you are getting a V2^2 with DC plate. Maybe you can find someone who's heard both of them? There isn't much difference in sound between the V2 and V3 Go-Vibes, so if you get a V3, the main extra cost goes to the small, aluminum Hammond case and slightly improved specs. You might want to determine if DC power is important to you because that is something the Go-Vibe lacks as an option.
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go-vibe with dc

ask and norm may build you one that has dc power he did it for me.
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The go-vibe with AD8620 opamp sounds great with HD580s, IMO. I would definitely recommend the AD8620 opamp and nothing else if you were gonna buy it, tho.
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