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Nick Drake remasters vs. box set

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I want to get all of the remasters of Nick Drakes four albums (well, three and a CD of outtakes, etc.). They were released in 1994, I believe. However, there is also a box set that has all four CDs that was released in 1991 or 1992. Does anyone know if the box set CDs are also remastered?
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Hi MacDEF,
Be careful, there are 2 versions of the Fruit Tree Box set, the original issue and the new one that was remastered within the last year. The new one has a big sticker on it that says something about 20 or 24-bit remastering-- that's the one you want.

The bummer is that the 4th CD of extra material has NOT been remastered, and has the same tinny sound as the original issues. That means that the "Way to Blue" disc (1994) actually has a cleaner version of "Black-Eyed Dog".

If you're going to buy them all, get the set so you can get the booklet which has some good information, but is a little slanted in trying to romaticize and mythologize.

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Thanks, markl! That's *exactly* the info I was looking for

That's too bad about the lack of remastering on the 4th disc...
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I found the box set today used for $32.95. I haven't figured out if it's the remastered version yet -- it appears to be identical to the remastered one, the books have newer pictures and a short "remastered by" credit inside, so I'm assuming it is. If so, what a score!
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Anyone know how to tell for sure if this is the remastered version? This one appeared to be, but it really doesn't sound any better than the other versions I've heard

That said, it's still simply incredible music.
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Mine is definitely the new version. Only the sticker on the outside of the box indicated that these were re-done. The sticker was part of the shrinkwrap so it's now gone.

Inside mine says: mastered by Simon Heyworth for Chop Em Out. Re-mastered by John Wood. In my opinion, this version sounds better than the Way to Blue. Never had the full albums in original form.
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Just wanted to tip my hat to the Nick Drake fans here. I discovered him years ago and it really floored me when I first heard him play and sing. The first 4-5 songs on Pink Moon had me mezmorized for quite a while. Its great to see him come up here.

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markl, thanks for the response. One more question for you

What do the actual CDs look like? The pictures I see on the web of the "new" version have green silkscreen on the CDs. I've also seen others with "art" printed on the CDs. What do yours have?
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Bryter Layter remastered?


I just bought Bryter Layter CD. It has the "mastered by Simon Heyworth for Chop Em Out. Re-mastered by John Wood." mentionned by mark.

However, there is a big background noise on all the tracks. I don't know the English term (it French it is "souffle"). You know, like a fm tuner with nothing tuned.

It is really noticeable (in fact there is no way not to notice it).

Pink Moon CD doesn't have this noise.

I'm a bit disappointed (not by the songs however).

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Are the album numbers different on the respective releases? If so, anyone have one or the other number handy?
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Mine has those figures:

IMCD 71/846 005-2
UN 899
LC 00407

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If I buy the remastered "Fruit Tree", it will make the fifth time I've bought those albums over the years. (I first saw "Five Leaves Left" in a cutout bin in 1978, more or less. Saw that Richard Thompson played guitar on one track, and Danny Thompson played bass, and had to listen, as a Fairport and Pentagle fan, respectively. Got the rest shortly thereafter...)
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Nick Drake and John Marytn

Hi all;

Probably preaching to the converted, but if you're new to Nick Drake you might like to "discover" a friend and fellow singer of Drake's, John Martyn. He's wildly inconsistnat, but No Little Boy, with it's tribute to Drake, "Thin Air" is a great album and sums up the man's work to date. Worth buying for two tracks, Thin Air and Way to Cry.

have a good weekend, everyone.

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