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WTB:Eggos D66

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I don't care how grimy or scratched up they are. That's all petty much nonsensical as long as they are sonically sound and fit just like new. I require the headbands to be intact as they came and I don't even care about the accessories like the bag and 1/4" adapter. The extension cord would be nice but even that doesn't really need to be included.

Thanks ahead of time, I will offer prices to those who provide pics.

D77 sales are also a possibility.
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The guy that offered to buy my D66 Eggos has changed his mind so I have them for sale again. I dodn't have the bag or 1/4" adapter but do have the extension cord. The earpieces have been modded slightly but if you have a broken set you can easily return them to stock condition (I removed the foam covering the drivers and replaced them with acoustic felt, but no longer have the foams). I can describe the two other mods in detail if you want. I never did anything to the headband and it appears to be intact, but I got these used so I can't say for certain if they are exactly like stock. I can send pictures if you are interested.
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