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Oh no...

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I've just discovered Audio Asylum. Had it bookmarked for a while but only started checking it out this week. Hide the CCs!
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I think he means C redit C ards.
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Good luck deciding what to use the CCs on... the number of products discussed there just boggles the mind.
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I like headphones. It's a nice small world where you can almost become an expert on everything and it's easy to keep up on the new stuff. As opposed to the speaker world where there is a limitless number of good products and it's impossible to keep up with the latest gimicks...I mean products.

I a somewhat related note, I think it's why I like Macs instead of PCs. I can just go to Apples's website or look through a MacMall catalog and see just about every product available for my computer, and the choice of which model to buy is very easy. I don't like all the uncertainties involved in the much larger PC market. Sorry, that was kinda random.

Back to headphones. I honestly don't know if I will ever regain my quest for a perfect home theater system after getting into headphones. I think I'm going to spend my money first on a higher quality two channel system, probalby a nice integrated amp and better speakers. A high quality home theater system can get very expensive very fast and technology and formats change all the time.

....that is until I start making mad $$$ and can buy whatever I want and before I get a family, then all my fun will end cuz I'll have to start saving for their college education which is a cost I don't even want to think about.
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