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Phase Tech Teatro 11.5?

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I auditioned these while auditioning a Sony 333es today and I really liked them. I listened to them about an hour or so and thought they sounded better then my current speakers which are the Pardigm Monitor 5 and my ety er4p. Now I have very limited experience with high end audio stuff, but to me I thought they sounded great. I am thinking about purchasing these with the Sony 333es and was just wondering if anybody had auditioned them and what they thought of them.
Here's their specs:

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Phase Technology

Yep! Phase Technology makes some very musical sounding speakers for the money. I am so surprised that more people on a budget do not buy these. I really think they are missing out on an incredible speaker per dollar. Glad that at least someone has noticed them. Good luck!
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Thanks CRESCENDOPOWER for your input. I thought they were very musical and great for the money too. I am just hoping they will still sound great in my rather smallish room.
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How much were they?
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How much were they?
$1300 for the pair.
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