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Originally posted by minya
Nice dichotomy between the former and the latter (groups, that is). What do you think of FSOL and the Orb?
Like I said; still chewing. By in large, I like music "music" more than ambient noise music, but at least Elizabeth Fraser's singing isn't quite Yoko Ono. There are some really nice/magical bits scattered through both the Orb and the FSOL. Fifteen years ago a Sam Goody hip-hop clerk got freaked out when I was buying some Yello. What can I say; I grew up on Varese and Zappa and I've always liked sound.
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my most recent

In the last few weeks I've snagged:

Thelonios Monk - This is Jazz 5
Best of John Coltrane
Rebecca Pidgeon - The Raven (SACD)
Chesky Jazz - Introduction to SACD
Mark Levinson live recording at - Red Rose Music vol. 1

ohh, and I just got Pink Floyd Echoes in the mail today that I won new for 4 bucks on ebay!
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Circle Of Dead Children - The Genocide Machine
Duane Peters & The Hunns - Unite
Nas - God's Son
Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum
Rory Gallagher - BBC Sessions
Abscess - Through The Cracks Of Death
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barshai's shostakovich box collection (1-15 on a truckload of CDs)
brahms 4 concertos set (2 cds)
Wagner: The Ring without Words
Haydn: The Planets (didn't have them on CD)
Prodigy: Fat of the Land (somebody stole this one 2 years ago)
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A new week, a new list of vinyl (only smaller this time):

Oscar Peterson Trio with Milt Jackson: Very Tall
Duke Ellington and Ray Brown: This One's for Blanton
Freddie Hubbard: Red Clay

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Found a pretty cool music store near my new part-time workplace where all cds are $10, so I nabbed:

Something for Kate : Elsewhere for 8 minutes
Something for Kate : Q & A with Dean Martin (These two complete my SFK album set)
Silverchair : The Best Of - Vol. 1

and two other cds that were impulse buy that followed a day later:

Silverchair : Rarities 1994-1999
Jeff Buckley : Grace

And I did purchase a second copy of Miles Davis - Kind of Blue because my first copy had developed a scratch, rendering "All Blues" track unplayable. But since it's not technically "new" I guess it doesn't really count... heh.
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Now 11
Totally Hits 2002
Dido: No Angel
Dave Matthews Band: Busted Stuff
Madonna: Ray Of Light
Sting: ... All This Time (live)
U2: Greatest Hits 1990 - 2000
Some of my own compilations of Rap, 80's, alternative

I know its more than 5 but I just couldn't resist

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Walter Wanderley and Astrud Gilberto - A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness
Ivy - Guestroom
Miles Davis Quintet - Relaxin'
Weezer - Maladroit
The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
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The UPS fairy set forth upon my doorstep part of the latest batch of offerings from Mapleshade today:

Bad Influence - Live At The Bad Habits Cafe
Sweetman - Austin Backalley Blue
C-Nutz - Blitzkreig Bop & Other Jazz Mutations
Joe Stanley - King Of The Honky-Tonk Sax
J Street Jumpers - Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby?
The Blue Rider Trio - Preachin' The Blues
The ARC Choir - Walk With Me

As good as Mapleshade's stuff sounds through my speakers, it's totally freakin' amazing through headphones!

One more delivery due tomorrow...life is good.
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These are my last five purchases, which I`m enjoying very much, BTW:

Sofa Surfers - Transit
One Giant Leap
Manu Chao - Radio Bemba Sound System
Ank Steady meets Eyesburn - Cool Fire
Astral Projection - Amen

I might get "Soulfly 3" and "Is There Anybody Out There? - The Wall Live" on the way home today.
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Lonnie Smith- Live at Mozambique
Stephane Grappelli- Live in San Fran
Indigo Girls- Indigo Girls
GD Dicks Picks 15- my B-day show 9/3
Herbie Hancock- My point of view
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Cut Chemist - Rare Equations
DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist - Product Placement
Quannum Spectrum
Solesides Greatest Bumps
Blackalicious - NIA

Other recent purchases:
The Roots - Do You Want More
Soundgarden - badmotorfinger

...time to scour this thread for ideas
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james taylor - hourglass SACD

spyro gyra - in modern times SACD

coldplay - rush of blood to the head cd

gomez - in our gun

hoobastank - hoobastank
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For the last six months or so I've been listening to all the neglected albums in the back of my closet. Found some real pearls there I forgot I had.
I haven't been buying many CD's because of that.
But a couple of days ago I ordered 3 CD's
Yesterday I got:

Where Blues Meets Rock IV

And I'm still waiting on

Jan James - Limousine Blues
Leah Andreone - Alchemy
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At The Drive In "Vaya"
At The Drive In "Relashionship of Command"
Sparta "Austere"
The Mars Volta "Tremulant"
Thursday "Waiting"
Sunny Day Real Estate "Live"
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