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Just ordered this beauty. This is a very limited 24-hour version of Marsen Jules's 2013 album The Endless Change of Colour, delivered on a USB flash drive as a single 2GB 320kbps MP3 file. The first batch of these sold out yesterday in six hours, but the label is getting more next week and is still currently accepting orders.



Marsen Jules - The Endless Change of Colour – 24-Hour Version [limited edition hand-numbered USB flash drive]



You can hear (and purchase) the regular 47-minute version here: https://12kmusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-endless-change-of-colour


Original album description:


In our, boxed, on-demand world where accessibility and recallability rule we can often forget the importance of the unpredictable or the joy of true discovery. Our lives are increasingly shaped by systems and patterns; downloaded, linked, and stored, that help us live, tell us when to go outside and what we will find when we get there. The mystery of our every day slowly seeps out of our lives like photograph bled of its color by the sun. There are fewer questions and too many answers.


The Endless Change Of Colour exists somewhere between our future and the mistakes and accidents we’ve made along the way. It is a celebration of both the system and the unexpected. Marsen Jules’ latest work is a generative music piece upon a single phrase of an old jazz record split into three audio streams. These streams are transformed into loops which break the original instrumentation down into sound resembling pure waves, harmonics and overtones.These loops play to different time signatures to create phasing patterns that continuously move and dance around each other in a constantly-evolving lattice of sound. Despite it being based on a very strict and limited set of rules the music could, in theory, be endless and ever-changing.


Here, the listener’s discovery is a quiet and engaged one. Ripples and pulses set within a field of color that sometimes feels like water, sometimes like air and sometimes like glass. Electronic tones hum with warmth and the softness of slumber. The patterns are there, familiar to our modern ears, but they’re not always what they seem. The wandering mind steers this one along more than the generative grid on which it was based and The Endless Change Of Colour becomes exactly as its title suggests.


24-hour version description:


"In 2013 I released my generative composition 'The Endless Change of Colour' through 12k. Many people said it might be one of my best albums so far. But the recording of a generative music piece can only show an excerpt of the richness that happens, when many different layers of loops and soundmanipulation are moving against each other. A generative composition can be living thing. Something that changes over hours and brings up new musical moments all the time. Usually when I create this kind of music I listen to the set up for hours to explore all details that happen in the setting. That´s the reason why I decided to release a special extralong version with a total playtime of 24 hours. This is at least the longest piece of continuous music which was released so far and maybe the longest album ever released. But it´s also a proof for the uniqueness of every moment in a piece of generative art." - Marsen Jules

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Nils Frahm, "Solo" (free download, 24b/96k, played on M370 vertical grand piano)
Various artists: "Ireland Songs" (2 CD equivalent) Songs by John Ireland (Hyperion download)
Gothic Voices, Christopher Page: "The Service of Venus and Mars" Medieval songs (Hyperion download)
Philip Martin: "Gottschalk- Piano Music, volume 5" (Hyperion)

L'Arpeggiata: "La Tarantella, Antidotum Tarantulae"

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