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I have a mixed taste. Ooh I cheated and posted 6.

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Physical releases.


Iiro Rantala - Lost Heroes [180g vinyl]


Still one of my all-time favorites. The album also won the respected German ECHO Award in 2011 for being the recording of the year. Mastered for vinyl from the 24-bit studio master files by Thorsten Wyk.





Alexander von Schlippenbach Trio - Pakistani Pomade [CD]


I had difficulties finding this treasure in Europe, so I ended up ordering a copy from the States.


Black Swan - Tone Poetry [limited edition CD]




Heinali recently made all of his music on Bandcamp name-your-price, so I finally decided to grab most of his stuff that was missing from my collection.


A bunch of stuff (Click to show)



Floex - Zorya



This album was actually kindly gifted to me by a fellow music lover on Bandcamp.

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The last five records I received:

Agathocles / Kurws, The - split 5" (Behind the Mountain Records)

To the Point - s/t 3" (Behind the Mountain Records/Lathe Cut/200 copies)

To the Point - Give Me a Reason 7" (Deep Six Records/Single-Sided/Green Marble)

Fissure - s/t 7" (Melotov Records/Translucent Purple)

Die Young - Chosen Path (Headfirst! Records/Toxic Color/100 copies)

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CDs from the CD store:

Dio - Holy Diver

All-American Rejects - Move Along

Pink Floyd - Piper at the Gates of Dawn


CDs from @Music Alchemist:

A Perfect Circle - Mer de Noms

A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step

A Perfect Circle - eMOTIVe

Death Cab For Cutie - Plans

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon


Thanks Alchemist!

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I've been spending too much money on vinyl lately. Bought all of these last week.

Shifted - Arrangements In Monochrome (Part One & Part Two)


These Hidden Hands ‎– Remixes I

Cummi Flu ‎– Z

Hookworms ‎– The Hum
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Originally Posted by Dillont3 View Post

I've been spending too much money on vinyl lately. Bought all of these last week.

Shifted - Arrangements In Monochrome (Part One & Part Two)


These Hidden Hands ‎– Remixes I

Cummi Flu ‎– Z

Hookworms ‎– The Hum
I have been doing the same but digitally
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Harrison Birtwistle - The Triumph of Time


Kuniko - Kuniko Plays Reich [Linn hybrid SACD]



Philip Glass - Koyaanisqatsi


This 2009 CD issue on Glass's own label Orange Mountain Music offers the original soundtrack for the film for the first time in its entirety. The 1998 issue on Nonesuch is a re-recording.


World of Wandag - HuniePop [48kHz 24-bit download]


My favorite female YouTube let's player somehow managed to get me interested in this game, and it's actually really good. Fully voice acted and with a lot to play and secrets to unlock, the game is easily worth the modest $10 investment. The soundtrack, like the game, is really relaxing and comes highly recommended to fans of the game, because the soundtrack actually sounds considerably more crisp and the mix richer than how the music sounds in the game.


Both the game and its soundtrack can be found here: http://www.huniepop.com/


Purchasing the game via the official site will also give you the Steam key for the game, which is a really nice plus.

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Wino & conny ochs - heavy kingdom

Place of skulls - as a dog returns

Wino - Adrift

Fever ray - fever ray

beatles - let it be

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Ben Frost - By the Throat



I've had this on my wishlist for a while and now finally decided to pull the trigger on it when I noticed the shipping was only 2€ within Europe.


Porya Hatami - Arrivals and Departures



I finally ordered the standard digipak edition (still limited to 150 copies). Shame you don't get it into your Bandcamp collection when you purchase the CD.



Shingo Nakamura - Days (Remixed)



Lossless download from Beatport. Shingo's "Days" was one of 2014's definite prog house highlights and these remixes have been hotly anticipated. I am particularly fond of for example the ones by Kyohei Akagawa and Hiroyuki ODA, as well as Shingo's own rework of "Small Image".


D.S.L - Lift Force



iTunes Store purchase. Released in honor of Megurine Luka's 6th birthday.

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I've picked up a number of recent releases during the last couple of weeks (all vinyl, though I am a format agnostic - next week, it may well be all CDs... :))







Edit: Oh, and how could I forget this (Make that 'My 6 newest CDs or LPs)...:

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All on CD. I bought the 36 (pronounced three-six) albums as a bundle (it can be found under Dream Tempest). All four of those albums apart from Dream Tempest are also available as free downloads by the way. The Sonmi451 one I got for free with my order of Porya Hatami's Arrivals and Departures. It's only in a simple paper sleeve instead of proper digipak, but that's still a really nice gesture.


36 - Dream Tempest



36 - Lithea



36 - Hollow



36 - Hypersona



Sonmi451 - The Limbic System


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I've just spent a few days in Bergen, Norway's second largest and arguably nicest town. :)


One of its charms is Apollon, a record store also serving as a bar. Picked up the following:





Daniel Kvammen is a Norwegian singer/songwriter who just released his debut; the cover is a real work of art - the silhouette of the head is cut out from the outer sleeve, so the landscape you see inside is actually the inner sleeve.

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The convenience store in my neighborhood started carrying iTunes Store gift cards recently. Today I picked up one and did some catching up on the digital-only releases I've been falling behind on.



AVTechNO! - 17K -Disorder




AVTechNO! - ReA



Optimized by JPEGmini 0x09e3a6fb

Clean Tears - Sound Collection - New Original



Ocelot - Drops








SolPie - 紅河之恋 (Red River Grove)



wintermute - Blood Color Flower e.p.


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