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If you like The Eagles, but don't want to spend too much for their full discography, I recommend getting the 4 CD Selected Works 1972-1999 http://www.allmusic.com/album/selected-works-1972-1999-mw0000105627 

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Originally Posted by LeDave View Post

Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and Eagles




Anthony Fantano thinks greatest hits releases are obsolete, I very much beg to differ

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Have just bought the album 'Little Notes' by Tiny Ruins & a Singer of Songs.




I heard a couple of the tracks being played on the radio just about 30 minutes ago, and I had to pull over to take note of the name of the tracks to ensure I won't forget them. Tried listening to some of the tracks as soon as I got home, which is only 5 minutes ago and bought it right away. 




Their existence is not even acknowledged by Spotify! 



edit: if you like 'The Swell Season', then I urge you to give this album a shot! It certainly has that Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova vibe to it.

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"The Endless River" - Pink Floyd




"Avonmore" - Bryan Ferry



"Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave" - The Twilight Sad



"Flowers From Exile" - Rome



"A Passage To Rhodesia" - Rome




"Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth" - Kiev

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Eagles "The Studio Album 1972-1979" lp


Bryan Ferry "Avonmore" cd


Pink Floyd "The Endless River" cd-br


Echo & Bunnymen "Meteorites" lp-cd  


Simple Minds "Big Music" cd-dvd

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Some digital purchases and one CD. Many of the ones from Bandcamp are name-your-price, so you can download them for free in the format of your choosing if you want.


Hiroyuki ODA - Meridian / Parallel




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Airøspace - 戦場ヶ原 ひたぎ [vol. II]

https://airospace.bandcamp.com/album/vol-ii (FREE!)


Marley Carroll - Sings [limited edition CD]



Mosh - Empire

https://iammosh.bandcamp.com/album/empire (FREE!)


OSLO - Departure EP (Part 1)



Soular Order - Roamer EP



Symbion Project - Wound Up by God or the Devil

https://symbionproject.bandcamp.com/album/wound-up-by-god-or-the-devil-2 (FREE!)


"Wound up by God or the Devil" is the soundtrack to a movie that has not yet been made and will likely never get made. 

this is an album that symbion project did not expect to make; this is an album that you probably did not expect to hear. encapsulated within are collisions of epic forces, chaotic sexuality, religious underpinnings, melancholy moments frozen in time, enlightened fragments of joy. 

while taking 3 week respite from working on another full length symbion album and 3rd freezepop album, "wound up by god or the devil" literally burst into existence. moved by the epic nature of vangelis (blade runner, chariots of fire) & the retro/future aesthetic of wendy carlos (clockwork orange, tron), symbion project created a "baroque minimalist electro" album that could live seamlessly in 1762, 1972, & 2162. concerned with the non-dynamic, robotic stagnancy of current electronic music, along with the overwhelming nature of being surrounded by a studio full of synthesizers & blinking audio gear, this dynamic album was crafted using only a single 16vco analog synthesizer. very little was sequenced (except for the blazingly fast runs that bach himself couldn't do!) & almost all the parts were played in by hand. constant attention was given to exploiting & exaggerating the emotional tension of the songs through the use of dynamics, from the initial songwriting to the final mastering (analog of course).


Xinon - hoshikuzu

https://xinon.bandcamp.com/album/hoshikuzu (FREE!)

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Artwork (contains mild nudity) (Click to show)

Animal Bodies - The Killing Scene [limited edition vinyl + download]



It's been quite long since I had this much fun with a gothy dark wave record. Brings me back to the days when I heard The Cure for the first time. Good times. Thank god the record is good because I would have otherwise craved the vinyl just for the striking artwork.


AVTechNO! - 瞳にうつる景色は変わるもの (Hitomi ni utsuru keshiki wa kawarumono)



Yay, a new single from AVTechNO! It sounds perfect.


linus and amy - unhinged - the remixes



This remix EP will be offered for free from now till Christmas. You can find the original EP here (not free).



Trio Wanderer & Pascal Moraguès - Messiaen: Quatuor pour la fin du temps (Quartet for the End of Time) [CD]


I went to my local record store today to buy the Kalevi Aho theremin concerto SACD I saw there the last time I was there, but sadly someone had already bought it. Sad times. In its stead I purchased this recording of Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time. I've actually never heard it (Shock! Disbelief!), and I should be listening to a lot more Messiaen than I am because his philosophies regarding music are shockingly close in line to my own views. I had a bit of trouble finding reviews on this CD and haven't listened to it yet, so I don't know how it sounds on its own and how it compares to other performances, but I very much look forward to hearing this prominent work for the very first time.


yMusic - Balance Problems [CD + 24-bit 48 kHz download]



It's been a while since I've enjoyed an album as thoroughly from start to finish as this one. HIGHLY, highly recommended.

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Just had Xiu Xiu's Fabulous Muscles LP arrive earlier this week.
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Originally Posted by Daditude View Post

Just had Xiu Xiu's Fabulous Muscles LP arrive earlier this week.


Absolutely love Xiu Xiu!


Enjoy it responsibly.

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Originally Posted by limpidglitch View Post

Absolutely love Xiu Xiu!

Enjoy it responsibly.

I think I've almost obtained all their LPs.
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Entropia — Vesper


Karnivool — Themata


Karnivool — Sound Awake


Skyharbor — Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos


Skyharbor — Guiding Lights


So . . . much . . . atmosphere!  Oh my God, THE FEELS!

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Aperture Science Psychoacoustic Laboratories - Portal 2: Songs to Test By (Collectors Edition) [4CD]


In case you didn't know, you can download the full 3-disc Portal 2 soundtrack for free here on the official website. This collectors edition however also contains the soundtrack for the original Portal and both soundtracks are naturally in CD-quality instead of MP3.


Björk - Biophilia Live [Blu-ray+2CD]


If you have not heard Björk's original Biophilia album, it is amazing. This live concert is well worth it if you love the studio material.



Dataline - Dataline Live at Beatport, Berlin [lossless download]



linus and amy - unhinged [lossless download]



Pete La Roca - Basra [CD]


If you are a fan of jazz and have never heard this record, it's a must-hear. If you can get your hands on the Music Matters 45rpm 2LP, it is phenomenal. I'm just getting this CD to have a digital copy despite how bad many of the Rudy Van Gelder remasters are.

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