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This is the best sounding record I have heard in quite a while. And for $2 it is near pitch black in terms of background noise (just a brushing, no cleaners)

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All vinyl:


Billy Joel- Cold Spring Harbor

Billy Joel- Songs In The Attic

Lynyrd Skynyrd- One More From The Road

Bill Cosby- The Best of Bill Cosby

Village People- Macho Man

Genesis- Genesis

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Got the new Pixies and Black Angles. Also got used Sunny Day in Glasgow, the Antlers and Siouxie and the Banchies. Forgive the spelling:)
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The Three O'clock
The Plimsouls
Adebisi Shank
Mike Watt
Tommy Guerrero
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A big haul, and more to come soon...


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Angle Vivaldi re-released his stuff on Bandcamp so I can not listen to Revelations in FLAC rather than craptunes shoddy aac (minus Stepping through the Looking Glass, for now at least) :tongue:

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Big haul part two (out of five). Prepare yourself...


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London Grammar - If You Wait

Norah Jones - Feels Like Home

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Recent digital purchases. The first three are actually free.


ミユキ (Miyuki) - Signs of Future EP



ミユキ (Miyuki) - Signs of Future: Aftersound



Symbion Project - Misery in Soliloquy [Exposed]



(Already had this one on CD; just wanted to add it to my Bandcamp collection so others might discover it and so that I could stream it on my phone with the free Bandcamp app.)


ジェバンニP (JevanniP) - リンのねがい!! (Rin's Wish!!)

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Big haul (part three)


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Just this one..... for now.
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Originally Posted by D3Seeker View Post

Just this one..... for now.


Really looking forward to picking that up this weekend. Been listening to it streaming a lot over the last week, and I think it's a damn good album. Anyways, part four of my big haul (almost done!):


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"Someday World" - Brian Eno + Karl Hyde




"High Life" - Brian Eno + Karl Hyde





"Do To The Beast" - The Afghan Whigs





"Undersea" - The Antlers





"Wild Animals" - Trampled By Turtles





"Aventine" - Agnes Obel

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