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two Black Sabbath, a Rolling Stones and MFSL Super Tramp. All saved from local swap meet for $25 and no scratches on the Super Tramp.
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Two Rammstein singles came from Poland today and then the two Solstice albums from Amazon came yesterday as well.


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"Hendra" (Deluxe Edition) - Ben Watt

"Hot Dreams" - Timber Timbre

"Here And Nowhere Else" - Cloud Nothings

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This is a good sounding album. Jim Anderson engineered.

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Burial - Rival Dealer


I remember the previous Burial EP being pretty good but thinking it was too much like what he'd already done before. This EP however is really fresh and very, very good. Highly recommended.




The Black Eyed Peas - The E.N.D.


I'm not even going try to argue that The Black Eyed Peas is "good" music, but I have always really enjoyed their music for some reason. I don't recall what it was that reminded me of the group recently but that immediately made me think "Is The E.N.D. available on vinyl?" A quick search and indeed it is. My local record store was able to get me a copy surprisingly swiftly. Out of the band's discography, this album in particular I've always really liked – The Beginning on the other hand is (for the most part) really awful. Despite being pushed to be quite loud, the CD version of this album sounds reeeally good. The engineers really knew what they were doing including their knowledge of how to make the album loud in steps without completely ruining everything. I am certainly interested to hear how the vinyl sounds.


Metsatöll - Hiiekoda


My first Metsatöll album. Some people have hailed this album as the "greatest folk metal album of all time". I can't comment on that yet having not heard the album, but I certainly like the artwork at least.


Gloria Cheng & Calder Quartet - Messiaen / Saariaho: The Edge of Light


The cover attracted me to this release. I quickly looked up some comments on the album on my phone while I was at the store and it sounded interesting. I have only heard some of Kaija Saariaho's music but what I have heard has intrigued me. This female composer's music has some interesting qualities to it.


Before picking up this album and going to browse the store's music selection, I ordered a digital piano from their instrument section. It should arrive in a week or two. I have no idea how to play it, but I'm going to set aside time to mess around with it during the summer. Later on I might look up some interactive guides and maybe even go to some basic piano lessons, but I don't actually have very much interest in familiarizing myself with western music theory and tradition. I don't think there are any rules in music and following a certain doctrine is not something I wish to do. Understanding one approach to music can be helpful but I don't want to limit myself. Azurium, whose music I enjoy a great deal, told me in an exchange he had with me that he has no knowledge of music theory. That is the most recent factor that has encouraged me to buy an instrument without feeling a pressing need to go to music lessons and all that jazz (my music education in school taught me practically nothing). My cousin is also working on finishing up his first solo album and he has practically taught himself to play the keyboard over the years so perhaps he can also give me some pointers if need be.


I also have interest in acquiring some form of device that would allow me create and program beats and rhythms with my fingers at some point. My cousin plays the drums himself and has told me for years he thinks I have a good sense of rhythm. I did consider getting an electronic drum set some years back, but the way how a drum set is played physically does not appeal to me. I also do plan to buy the Vocaloid software at some point to take a crack at programming music and experimenting with DTM (Desktop Music). I'm awakening a bit late to my creative side, first through amateur photography and then writing to now music, but better late than never I guess. At the moment I have no particular goals as far as music goes, I just want to see what I can do and how much I can figure out on my own.

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Check this one out if you think you do not like Big Band music.

This is a fabulous record. 

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my first super high material cd find. Haven't listened to Duffy but got the Dylan just to add to my collection of his. Not a bad album for him and love when he plays that oldie blues style on this album.
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