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John Coltrane - Ascension (2000 Re-Mastered DigiPak)


I am so happy I finally own a copy of Ascension. I really can't elaborate on the love I have for this album even more. I really wish it were given the SACD treatment, I think it could provide an even better experience. Regardless, I am more than happy with this release and based on the review rating score of 4.21/5 on Rate Your Music, I'd assume it is one of the better releases of this colossal monument.

I'm with you. If Analogue Productions released Ascension on hybrid SACD, I would buy it in a heartbeat.



Latest Bandcamp purchases:


l.a. - follow me down [digital download]



NAIA - NAIA [digital download]



Rosie Lowe - Right Thing [limited edition vinyl]



GEMS - Medusa [digital download]




Along with three Bandcamp pre-orders:


Symbion Project - Immortal Game [10th anniversary limited edition autographed, hand-numbered 180g 2LP with official vinyl rip]



Kasson Crooker aka Symbion Project's music has had a special place in my life for about a decade now. Until last year he worked at game developer Harmonix as project director, whom many may know for such games as Frequency, Amplitude, the first couple of Guitar Hero games, the Rock Band series, among others. Until a few years ago he was also part of Freezepop for which he was one of the founding members (their music has never been the same since). It is through these two things that I came to know his main solo project Symbion Project, and very recently at end of last year I remember talking to a friend about how I wished I could own a Symbion Project album on vinyl now that I have a turntable, because sadly none of his albums have ever been released on LP.


Well right after 2014 had rolled around Kasson announced that Symbion Project's second album Immortal Game was being issued on vinyl to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The album to this day remains probably my favorite Symbion Project release, even if possibly partially due to it being the first album I ever heard from him. Needless to say I pre-ordered a copy immediately. Unfortunately due to the costs of mastering and cutting a vinyl release along with pressing the discs themselves of course, the album isn't getting mastered and going to print until at least 66 copies have been pre-ordered. So in a way it is sort of like a Kickstarter campaign. Sadly Symbion Project is a criminally unknown and under appreciated artists who deserves more attention and recognition. If you want to give the album a listen, you can do so on Bandcamp:




For the re-release I believe Kasson is going to do some rework on some of the content and there are going to be some currently unannounced bonus tracks at least in digital form as well. The vinyl is limited to 250 copies and the updated version of the album is never going to be released again in any other format or on any digital music outlet. For those willing to pay a few dollars extra, an official 16bit 44.1kHz rip directly from a virgin test pressing of the album will be provided in WAV format, complete with the needle drop and pickup at the beginning and end of each side. This version is ideal especially for those who don't have a turntable themselves but still want to have an experience akin to listening to the actual vinyl.


I recommend giving the album a listen. If you do feel like supporting this vinyl release you've earned a virtual high-five and a tip of the hat from me. Doubly so if you don't even have a turntable (seriously do get one, you can get a decent one these days for just a couple hundred when you do your research right).


Meishi Smile - LUST [limited edition vinyl]



Meishi Smile's debut album LUST is being reissued with new artwork and bonus remixes on January 28, and for the first time in physical format both on CD and LP. I immediately pre-ordered my copy of the LP limited to mere 100 copies when it was announced back in December but I believe I've forgotten to mention the vinyl in this thread yet. As a fan of the original digital-only release, I hope the LP turns out to be a good pressing. Even if not, I will treasure it all the same. I highly recommend checking out this album. You can listen to the crossfade on the label's SoundCloud:





Zara McFarlane - If You Knew Her [signed CD, one out of nine copies available]



Definitely worth checking out for fans of jazz. Available both on CD and vinyl and naturally just as a digital download as well. Release date January 21.

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Bought Black Sabbath Paranoid Mastered For iTunes.  Sounds great.  I know it's not a CD, but have heard these are less limited and more dynamic than the same thing on a CD.  I wonder if they'll put these masters up on HDTracks.  I think I am going to get Master Of Reality next.


I'm pretty happy with the SQ of MFiT.  Sure, lossless sounds a little better and it's noticeable at higher volumes, but 256k AAC VBR sounds pretty darn close.

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"Bad Debt" - Hiss Golden Messenger

"High Hopes" [Deluxe Edition] - Bruce Springsteen

"Retrospectacle: The Supertramp Anthology" - Supertramp

"Comes A Time" - Neil Young

"Best Of The Doobies" - The Doobie Brothers

"aja" - Steely Dan

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Grinding Halt / Drainland split 10"

Encircling Sea - A Forgotten Land 2xLP

Halshug - Dödskontrol 7"

Little Sister - Ancient Minds 7"

Skin Like Iron / Nails split 7"

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U-Lead Systems, Inc.

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Not sure if I posted an image before, but here was my last Vinyl purchase:

Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago






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"Face Value" - Phil Collins (This is an old copy printed in Japan by JVC) Already listened to it and it sounds pretty amazing.
"Brothers in Arms" - Dire Straits (Mofi SACD copy, 3rd time I've bought this album on CD)
"The Gleam" - The Avett Brothers
"The Hurting" - Tears For Fears
"The Seeds of Love" - Tears For Fears (finishing up the discography for them)
"Sailin' Shoes" - Little Feat
"Real Emotional Trash" - Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks
"Wig Out at Jagbags" - Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks
"Aja" - Steely Dan (had this on vinyl but not CD)
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"Harvest Moon" - Neil Young

"On The Beach" - Neil Young

"Silver & Gold" - Neil Young

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Dear jason brown,

Here is an update to your order #6049645:
Qty Artist Title Status*
1 Mahavishnu Orchestra Birds of Fire Shipped (from KY on 01/16/14)
1 Weather Report Weather Report [1982] Shipped (from KY on 01/16/14)
1 Oliver Nelson Blues and the Abstract Truth [Remastered] Shipped (from KY on 01/16/14)
1 Wayne Shorter Speak No Evil [Remastered] Shipped (from KY on 01/16/14)
1 Eric Dolphy Out to Lunch [Remastered] Shipped (from KY on 01/16/14)
1 Jeff Beck Blow by Blow/Wired/There and Back [Box] Shipped (from KY on 01/16/14)
1 Weather Report Mysterious Traveller Shipped (from KY on 01/16/14)


I just received all of these from FYE.com with the exception of the 3 Jeff Beck albums which I'm assuming must have shipped separately from the rest since it didn't arrive yet. I also have a copy of "Cafe Blue" by Patricia Barber on it's way from Amazon. 


I'm trying out the Eric Dolphy album right now. 

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^ Those are all pretty much exceptional discs. I'm especially fond of Out to Lunch, The Blues and the Abstract Truth, and Speak No Evil. The first time I heard Out to Lunch, it absolutely blew my mind. Still does. If you haven't seen Jeff Beck's "Performing This Week... Live at Ronnie Scott's" Blu-ray/DVD, you should get it. One of the best live shows I've ever seen. The man is possibly my favorite guitarist of all time. The things he can do... And he's so modest about it! In interviews he's like "Well, I can barely do it." But the thing is he CAN do it. And he makes it look so freakin' easy, when it definitely isn't. The man is 69, and like great wine I think his music has only gotten better with time.



Latest Bandcamp grabs (LOVE that site). Only the one by Heinali costs money, but I did pay for the name-your-price releases as well to show the artists my support and encourage them to keep going.


Heinali - Sway, sway



bansheebeat - Spiral Power



shanebro - Inordinate Desire



M|O|O|N - Quixotic



Leonard Hummer - Five Stages of Grief



Dexter Britain - The Score (Part One)



Soular Order - Overwatch EP



Awaiting some LPs this week. Stay tuned.

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There are actually quite a few more I believe since my last visit (and wouldn't you know it, more to come in the mail :tongue_smile: )

Ok. That's a few more of them :o

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Ordered last night:


Janine Jansen - Prokofiev


Chopin Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 - Arthur Rubinstein


Arthur Rubinstein - Beethoven Sonatas

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After a quite considerable delay (not Elusive Disc's fault in any way), I finally got these four records in the mail yesterday.


Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra & Zubin Mehta - Holst: The Planets [Original Recordings Group limited numbered 45rpm 2LP]


Mastered by Bernie Grundman. Pressed at RTI.


I got really lucky with this LP. Only 2500 copies are available, all numbered, and I happened to get number 83. Very nice. I look forward to hearing this recording on vinyl and comparing it to the XRCD24 version mastered by Alan Yoshida that I also acquired recently. This is also my first classical vinyl so I'm interested to hear how orchestral music sounds on the format.


Jackie McLean - Destination Out! [Music Matters limited numbered 45rpm 2LP]


Mastered by Kevin Gray and Steve Hoffman. Pressed at RTI.


I now have quite a few Blue Note vinyl reissues released by Music Matters, but I believe this is the first numbered copy that I've acquired, this one being number 704 (out of 1000 I presume). For anyone unfamiliar with Music Matters, their vinyl reissues are probably the highest quality releases on the planet, all the way from the discs themselves to the spectacular heavy-duty gatefold jackets with stunning print quality. As for the music itself, the first track Love and Hate has always been one of my favorite jazz songs. It's so great and unconventional. Any album featuring Bobby Hutcherson is pretty much worth hearing, I feel. Of course there is the great Grachan Moncur III as well. Anyone who likes this album will likely immensely enjoy Moncur's Evolution.


Joni Mitchell - Blue


Mastered by Steve Hoffman and cut by Kevin Gray. Pressed at RTI.


Dire Straits - Dire Straits


Mastered by Bernie Grundman. Plated and pressed at Pallas.



Today I also visited my local record store and picked up these three albums. The latter two are CDs.


Sufjan Stevens - Illinois



One of my favorite albums of all time. Now I finally own it on vinyl. If you haven't heard this record for some reason, go on Bandcamp right now and listen to it. Do it.


Lou Reed - Metal Machine Music [25th anniversary edition]


This album has been on my wishlist for a few years now. Today I finally found it new and shrink-wrapped for a really reasonable price. If you are not familiar with this album, it is probably one of the most controversial recordings in the history of recorded music. It is both loved but largely very hated. I've heard a short snippet on Spotify a couple years ago, but it was immediately clear that this is an album that needs to be heard in at least CD quality on a really good speaker setup, so I decided to wait until I had the CD in my hands before listening to the album.


Moonsorrow - Verisäkeet

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Albert Ayler, Don Cherry, John Tchicai, Roswell Rud, Gary Peacock, Sonny Murray (aka the Albert Ayler Quartet + 2), New York Eye and Ear Control, 50th Anniversary Remastered Edition LP, ESP, 2013


Neil Young, Zuma, Reprise Records, 1975


Luc Ferrari, Programme commun, 1972-1998, Sub Rosa, 2012


John Fahey, The New Possibility : John Fahey's Guitar Soli Christmas Album, Takoma, 1968


Joanna Newsom & The Ys Street Band EP, 2006


All LPs


Also, Marc Ribot, Exercises in Futility, Tzadik, 2008, on CD

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Queen - A Night At The Opera (2011 Digital Remastered by Bob Ludwig)


Static-X - Shadow Zone

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