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Originally Posted by TJ Elite View Post

^ All of those classical discs are exceptional.


Oh, I know it. Can't wait to hear them at above streaming quality. ^^

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"Hate Us And See If We Mind" - Rome



"Psychic" - Darkside



"Fisherman's Box" - The Waterboys



"Poor Moon" - Hiss Golden Messenger



"Haw" - Hiss Golden Messenger



"Deluxe Daze (Post Haze)" - Kurt Vile



"I Want To See Pulaski At Night" - Andrew Bird



"These Changing Skies" - Elephant Revival



"Elephant Revival" - Elephant Revival

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Stumbled on this great deal at Costco.
I couldn't resist.

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Originally Posted by metalsonata View Post



I bought this one in the weekend from Deustche Grammofon (Flac download).  Fantastic recording.

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lol. I've been meaning to pick up NeObliviscaris, and wouldn't you know it. Now that I'm piping for it I can't find it on the selves anywhere I've been seeing it.


Any who, Finally visited The Sound Garden today. Needless to say I will be returning in the very near future. hehe...



And I've finally hit-up that Kalmah recommendation (from a while back) :gs1000smile: So far I'm liking what I hear

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Lavinia Meijer - Glass: Metamorphosis & The Hours [Channel Classics pure DSD recorded hybrid SACD]


This was a random find at my local record store today. I quickly took a look at some reviews online since I am a big fan of Philip Glass' music, and they seemed quite positive. Furthermore none of the reviews neglected to mention the audiophile sound quality of this disc. There is also a van den Hul 3T logo on the back of the super jewel box, which I as a fan of said company's products certainly appreciate. The recording information in the booklet confirms that the album was recorded exclusively using the new line of 3T cables by van den Hul. In addition to being a pure DSD recording, the booklet tells that the album was mastered using B&W 803D speakers, a Classé CA-5200 amplifier (the SACD layer contains a 5.0 multi-channel mix) and van den Hul cables, which is very, very similar to my own setup so I must say that I am quite interested to hear this disc on my main system.


For those interested, the album is available on the label's website both in physical form as well as in nearly any digital format imaginable all the way from MP3 to 24bit/192kHz PCM and 2.8224MHz DSD:



Iiro Rantala, Michael Wollny & Leszek Możdżer - Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic I




The second performance is from a different concert but another rendition of it appears on the Berlin disc.


Leszek Możdżer - Komeda



Michael Wollny's [em] - Wasted & Wanted


Ulf Wakenius - Vagabond



Viktoria Tolstoy & Jacob Karlzon - A Moment of Now



Youn Sun Nah - Lento



So yeah, I have been exploring the ACT label as of late.

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@TJ Elite

Wonderful additions to your collection. I love the recordings of ACT and the artists they choose in general.


And here some new from me:


Grace Jones:

...hot caribbean reggae style music with Grace Jones' mysterious sexual spirit. To cope with the northern Germany weather.


Simple Minds:


...great 80th new wave an a rare 90th stadium rock


Bootsy Collins and Funkadelic:

(No graphics available for free) The Very Best of Funkadelic 1976-1981

...setting the knowledge of the funk right!

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Originally Posted by skimminst View Post

@TJ Elite

Wonderful additions to your collection. I love the recordings of ACT and the artists they choose in general.


Yeah I'm really impressed by the diversity in their selection and the whole label feels like a big happy family in general.

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Odium - Sad Realm of the Stars (LP + CD)

Kauan - Pirut (LP + CD)

Sigh - Gallow’s Gallery (CD) [Free Gift]

Mauldin of the Well - My Fruit Psychobells…A Seed Combustible (CD) [Free Gift]


I passed up a ton of good records at the local shop last night and I was super bummed about it, but this shipment from Blood helps. Passed on Ulcerate, Gorguts, Altar of Plagues, and Wintersun. :( I'll be back for you, friends.

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Not 5, but 4:

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Not one but a few... I've been wanting to download all of these for a while.

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A bunch of very nice finds at great prives my local LP shop.

All used but in pretty good shape. Classical music has yet to hop on the vinyl bandwagon, alas.


Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Six Prussian Sonatas, Wq 48, Bob van Asperen, Harpsichord, 2 LP boxset (I love LP boxsets !), 1979  


Claudin de Sermisy, Leçons de Ténèbres, Motets, Ensemble Clément Janequin, Harmonia Mundi, 1984


Beethoven, 5th Symphony, Meeresstille und Glückliche Fahrt, Cantata Op.112, John Alldis Choir, New Philharmonia Orchestra, Pierre Boulez, CBS. No mention of a date anywhere. Had no idea Boulez had conducted this, sounds great.


And, from elsewhere but on vinyl as well :


Bill Callahan, Dream River, Drag City, 2013


Jim O'Rourke, Bad Timing, Drag City, 1997. Have had this for ages on CD, love it so much felt I owed it to myself to get the LP version.


Also bought a copy of David Crosby's If Only I Could Remember My Name to give. It's one of the 70's lesser-known gems.

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So after much research and disappointment from missing out on the Analogue Productions vinyl re-release, I found that Steve Hoffman himself recommended the 1987 CD release of the Bill Evans Trio - Waltz For Debby. I searched endlessly for a copy and finally found one. Should be coming in sometime before the New Year.

Bill Evans Trio - Waltz For Debby (Original Jazz Classics CD, 1987)

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You can still get the AP pressing...you just gotta buy the Bill Evans box. $600. smily_headphones1.gif
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