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"Reflektor" - Arcade Fire

"White Lighter" - Typhoon

"Hunger And Thirst" - Typhoon

"A New Kind Of House" - Typhoon

"Hoodoo" - Tony Joe White

"Over The Bridge Of Time: A Paul Simon Retrospective" - Paul Simon

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First two CDs, rest AIFF files from Beatport.


BT - A Song Across Wires


Moonbeam - The Random


Hazuki - Need You


Ioan Gamboa - The Garden of Bones


Nora En Pure - Sweet Melody

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A bunch of great stuff's found its way into my growing vinyl collection these last weeks.


Charles Mingus, Charles Mingus Presents Charles Mingus, recorded 1960, 1980 reissue on Jazzman. MUCH better than the common Candid-branded CD release. Even Mingus' banter between tracks is clearer here. One of the great jazz recordings sounds even better than I knew.




Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band, Lick My Decals Off, Baby, recorded 1970 for Zappa's Straight label. It's an un-branded Scorpio release and not only does it not sound too good, side 2 was riddled with a sort of white paste that has yet top come off (bought the thing new). Beefheart's best work, in my opinion. A lot tighter than Trout Mask Replica, it's also quite free of Zappa's unwelcome intrusions.




Bernard Parmegiani, De Natura Sonorum, recorded 1975, rereleased by Editions Mego reissue on two 45s a couple of months ago, and as fresh and exciting now as anything I've heard.




Albert Ayler Trio, Spiritual Unity, recorded 1964, ESP-Disk 2009. Another jazz masterpiece. Better than Coltrane !




Last but definitely not  least, Jim O'Rourke, Old News #9, Editions Mego, 2013.

Fresh off the press, this latest installment in O'Rourke's Old News series is actually the latest news we've had from him, since these four pieces were recorded this past year. An amazing work, their author's best. Don't expect a video, the thing's just come out.

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Only three this time 

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"Let's Get Free" by Dead Prez


"Marshall Mathers LP 2" - Eminem


"Superorganism" by Mickey Hart


"The Very Best Of Deep Purple"


"Big Sur" by Bill Frisell

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Another monster post! Sorry!




I also picked up the Midori album 'Aratame ma****e, Hajime ma****e, Midori desu,' but decided against posting it's cover art, lol.


Edit: Lol at Head-Fi censoring the album's name. Let's try that again: Aratame ma[Schitt]e, Hajime ma[Schitt]e, Midori desu. There we go.

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Tool - Lateralus [limited edition double picture disc]


My first picture disc. I never had any intentions of buying one since I haven't heard a single positive word about them, but when I saw this at my local record store I simply had to have it. The prospect of owning Tool on vinyl, and Lateralus to boot, was simply too tempting to pass up, plus the packaging is absolutely gorgeous (doesn't quite come across in photos). Haven't listened to it so I don't know how it sounds yet. Hopefully not as bad as I expect.


Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine [20th anniversary vinyl reissue]


Somewhat ironically I've been looking for this album on vinyl as a pressing that isn't a picture disc since this summer and finally picked up a regular black vinyl at the same time as the Tool record. Furthermore they were selling the 20th anniversary picture disc for a couple euros cheaper.


Opeth - Damnation [2012 vinyl reissue]


My initial reaction to hearing this album was quite lukewarm, but after a few consequent listens I've taken quite a liking to it. Probably one of my current favorites from the group.


Opeth - Ghost Reveries [2013 vinyl reissue]


I've wanted to own this Opeth album on vinyl ever since I got my turntable, but sadly it seemed to be out of print. Fortunately I happened to check online recently and noticed that a new pressing had come out.


Slayer - Reign in Blood [2013 vinyl reissue]


This is another record I've desperately wanted to own on vinyl but it appeared to be out of print. Oh how glad I was when I heard Slayer's discography was being reissued on vinyl at the end of the year. Only got it today so don't know how it sounds yet. Probably loud but doubtfully worse than the remastered CD I have.


Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss [2013 vinyl reissue]


The Strokes - Is This It [2012 vinyl reissue]



SizzleBird - Lucid [lossless download]



chipzel - Spectra [CD]


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Let me know how those Opeth discs are.

That RATM release is excellent (have it myself)...but I gotta tell you, that Lateralus is GARBAGE.

Put it on a wall because it's beautiful...but don't listen to it. I have it too, but I pop in the CD when I want Lateralus.
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Plus, the CDs for Lateralus and Ænima both already sound fantastic
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Originally Posted by MorbidToaster View Post

Let me know how those Opeth discs are.

That RATM release is excellent (have it myself)...but I gotta tell you, that Lateralus is GARBAGE.

Put it on a wall because it's beautiful...but don't listen to it. I have it too, but I pop in the CD when I want Lateralus.

I'll post my impressions on the Opeth LPs once I get around to them. Tomorrow might be a vinyl day for me, but we'll see.


I'll listen to Lateralus at least once so I'll know how pictures discs sound at least. I figured it might end up being more of a collectible in my collection than anything else.


Originally Posted by SoupRKnowva View Post

Plus, the CDs for Lateralus and Ænima both already sound fantastic

Indeed, there is absolutely nothing to gripe about the fantastic Lateralus HDCD release.

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Okay, here's my impressions on the Opeth LPs.


Damnation: Pretty nice packaging, sturdy and perfectly silent pressing. Beautiful, clear sound with nothing I can really criticize. That being said it's been a while since I heard the CD on my speaker system, but I don't remember it sounding bad at all, so without doing a direct comparison it's hard to say if the vinyl is necessarily an improvement over the CD. I am very happy with my purchase nonetheless.


Ghost Reveries: My copy had a few random pops and clicks here and there but otherwise I found this a pretty good pressing as well, albeit perhaps not quite on par with Damnation. I've always thought Ghost Reveries was a really well recorded album, although the mastering on the CD release is a tad bit too loud for my taste. Like with Damnation, it's been a while since I last heard the CD on my speakers, but listening to the vinyl my impressions are very similar to how I remember the CD being: great sound, but they went a bit too hard on the limiting during the louder sections, which causes some fatigue to my ears. If I had to wager without going back and doing a direct comparison with the CD, I'd say that the vinyl is possibly based on the same master that was used to create the CD. It's hard to say if I'd recommend the LP or not; on one hand it does sound really good apart from the slightly too aggressive limiting as mentioned, but on the other hand I wouldn't say there is a clear night-and-day difference in the vinyl's favor so justifying why one should absolutely purchase the vinyl if they already have the CD is rather difficult. Still, for an Opeth fan and a vinyl buff the LP might an acquisition worth considering.



These are just my first impressions. I enjoyed both, and would give at least a mild recommendation for both although as mentioned Damnation I found to be especially beautiful-sounding. Without the slightly too hard compression on Ghost Reveries which is only an issue during loud parts, it would be easier for me to recommend without some small reservations.


Both LPs sound at least as good as their CD counterparts, if not better, to sum it all up in one sentence.

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I just got these on Beatport.




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Robert Glasper Experiment - "Black Radio 2"

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