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Velocity Girl -  Guilded Stars & Zealous Hearts

Blu & Exile  -  Give Me Fllowers While i Can Still Smell Them

Tamaryn - Waves

Trwbador - Trwbador

Glo-Worm - Glimmer

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The Raven That Refused To Sing - Steven Wilson
The Incident - Porcupine Tree
Orchestrion - Pat Metheny
Random Access Memory - Daft Punk
Amok - Atoms For Peace
Bankrupt! - Phoenix
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I have not been doing a good job of keeping track on my recent purchases here. Which is a shame, because I picked up some really cool stuff. Unfortunately, it's all already been assimilated into my collection as a whole, and I'm having difficulty remembering exactly what I've bought since my last post. Here's what I've bought solely in the past two weeks though:


Emancipator: Soon It Will Be Cold Enough

Geinoh Yamashirogumi: Rinne Kokyogaku

The Haxan Cloak: Excavation

Kashiwa Daisuke: Program Music 1

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: Nanda Collection

Magma: Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh

Mount Eerie: Clear Moon

Mount Eerie: Ocean Roar

NON: God & Beast

Nujabes: Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection

Pharmakon: Abandon

Prurient: Pleasure Ground

Ramleh: Hole in the Heart

Toe: The Book About My Idle Plot on a Vague Anxiety

World's End Girlfriend: The Lie Lay Land

Various Artists: Katamari Fortissimo Damacy

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Originally Posted by metalsonata View Post

The Haxan Cloak: Excavation


Mount Eerie: Clear Moon

Mount Eerie: Ocean Roar


Nujabes: Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection

Mount eerie are awesome, i saw them last month. 

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Incognito - Surreal

Brand New Heavies - Forward

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Jefferson Airplane - The Woodstock Experience
Jimi Hendrix - The Woodstock Experience
Woodstock The Original Soundtrack
Jeff Lynne - Armchair Theatre
Ringo Starr - Liverpool 8
Ringo Starr - Photograph The Digital Greats
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Just made it back home from a trip to Japan yesterday. There I splurged a lot of cash at two different Tower Records stores (couldn't go to the big one in Shibuya sadly). This is what I bought:



Center: Greeeen - Ima Made no A Men, B Men Dest!?

Top: Nico Touches The Walls - Passenger

Upper Right: Sekai no Owari - Entertainment

Lower Right: Aqua Timez - because you are you

Bottom: livetune - Take Your Way

Lower Left: Aqua Timez - The BEST of Aqua Timez

Upper Left: Supercell - My Dearest


I acquired a grand total of 102 new songs out of Japan! Already listened to Sekai no Owari's Entertainment and loved it! Can't wait to listen to the rest in the coming days! 

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The Necks - Silverwater, CD, Rer Megacorp, 2009


Francesco da Milano / Hopkinson Smith - "il divino", CD, Naïve, 2008


François Couperin / Jordi Savall - Pièces de violes avec la basse chifrée, CD, Astrée Auvidis, 1976


Tony Conrad - Early Minimalism, 4 CDs, Table of the Elements, 1997


Luc Ferrari - Presque rien, Recollection GRM / Editions Mego, 2 LPs, 2012



Very happy as I'd been searching for a couple of these (the Couperin and Conrad records) for a long time now. Finding the Conrad boxset seems especially unlikely given Table of the Elements, one of the greatest independant labels of these times, closed shop a few years back 

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"To Let" - Xavier Rudd

"Wider Horizons" - Liquid Sound Design

"Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros" - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

"The Colonel & The Governor" - Tommy Emmanuel & Martin Taylor

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"Music For 3 Pianos" - Harold Budd

"La Bella Vista" - Harold Budd

"Speechless" - Bruce Cockburn

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I've been picking up a bunch of stuff lately - a few of the latest:


Dave Matthews Band - Live At Red Rocks 8.15.95

Jeff Beck - Blow By Blow

Donald Fagen - The Nightfly

Moby - 18

The Beatles - Rubber Soul (the last person on the planet to not already own this?)

Big Head Todd & The Monsters - Beautiful World

The English Concert / Trevor Pinnock - The Complete Mozart Symphonies

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Jason Mraz - Love is a four letter word
Atmosphere - When life gives you lemons you paint that **** gold
Duke Ellington - The far east suite
Pantera - The very best of
Eric Sammut - Four mallet ballet
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Originally Posted by MorbidToaster View Post

How is Terria? I've had my eye on the latest pressings of his stuff after getting my SYL box. Beautiful album.

The LP is outstanding. Didn't compare it directly to the CD, but from memory I'd say it trumps the CD without question.


Originally Posted by MorbidToaster View Post

Let me know how the Weezer sounds. Been considering those.

I haven't heard the CD version, but the MoFi LP sounds really good, especially the drums which are really punchy. Perhaps not quite reference stuff but very good for a live recording. Worth considering if one is a Weezer fan.


Originally Posted by MorbidToaster View Post

I need that Ashes of the Wake LP.

How's the sound?

Since the pressing isn't a heavyweight one there's a lot of audible surface noise during the quiet sections but besides that the sound is phenomenal! I would highly recommend the LP.



Latest five. First three are vinyl and the two others CDs.


John Coltrane - Blue Train [Analogue Productions, 45rpm 2 LP]


John Coltrane - My Favorite Things [Original Recordings Group, 45rpm 2 LP]


Oliver Nelson - The Blues and the Abstract Truth [Analogue Productions, 45rpm 2 LP]


Hiromi - Move


Esa-Pekka Salonen - Out of Nowhere



Since I've finally gotten everything for my turntable after waiting two and a half months and set it up, here are a few pictures for those who might be interested.


Pix (Click to show)







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I love the fact you've got it on the floor. Very 'minimalist audiphile' and that's my favorite kind of set up.

I really want to just do my Leben on an amp stand. TT on one and then my speakers. Racks full of gear don't do it for me as much anymore.
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