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Originally posted by DarkAngel
Got it over one month sooner and cheaper because I ordered from "the end"..[/URL]
uh, isn't that illegal?

okay, here's what i can remember from my last packages i got in the mail:

eminem - the eminem show (suprisingly good so far, might be his best work yet especially considering his last album kinda sucked compared to his first)

richard buckner (can't remember album titles)
pinback (can't remember album titles)

and of course:

tom waits - alice
tom waits - blood money

i can't really remember the rest.. been so busy and poor lately that i haven't bought/listened much unless it's in my car.
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1. Farben - "Textstar" (Klang Electronik)
2. Burnt Friedman and the Nu Dub Players "Just Landed" (Scape)
3. Barry Adamson - "As Above, So Below" (Mute)
4. Laika - "Good Looking Blues" (Too Pure)
5. Hood - "Cold House" (Aesthetics)

All highly recommended - by me
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Here we go. I can't resist but to add my two cents to this thread.

I bought a lot of jazz guitar CDs lately, the last 5 I listen to are:
- "Blues for a Gypsy", Frank Vignola
- "American finger style guitar", Guy Van Duser
- "Solitude on guitar", Baden Powell
- "The guitar artistry of...", Charlie Byrd
- "Lenny Breau Trio", Lenny Breau; with one of the sweetest guitar duo I heard in a while (on "You needed me" with Chet Atkins)

On the none jazz side of things:
- "The magic box", John Williams (the other one)
- "Give in kind", Guy Davis; got to listen more, but I prefer his first
- "Good stuff", Eric Bibb; I prefer by far Davis to Bibb but this is well executed

The last the five CDs I ordered but didn't got yet:
- "Pioneers of the Jazz Guitar", various artist on Yazoo
- "The Best of...", Blind Blake on Yazoo
- "Artistry", Martin Taylor
- "Legends: Solo Guitar Performances", Johnny Smith & Van Eps
- "The Sound of the ... Guitar", Johnny Smith

I'll let you know what I think of the last five, when I'll get them.

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These are my recent purchases:

Prodigy -- Fat of the Land
Eminem -- The Eminem Show
Metallica -- Ride the Lightning
Wilco -- Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Bjork -- Vespertine
Weezer -- Maladroit
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Here's five plus two:

1. Misha Mengelberg Quartet--Four in One (the best thing that Dave Douglas has done in a while)

2. Spaceways, Inc.--Version Soul

3. Aaly Trio/DKV Trio--Double or Nothing

4. Tim Berne--The Sevens

5. Tim Berne--Science Friction

6. The Byrds Play Dylan

7. Oliver Messiaen--The Complete Organ Works, Oliver Latry, organ (I don't think this has been released in the US; I found it as an import in Tower NYC)
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Dj Shadow - The Private Press
Eminem - The Eminem Show
Blackalicious - Blazing Arrow
Godspeed you black emperor - Lift Yr. Skinny Fists like Antennas To Heaven!
Beethoven - Symphonie No. 9 - Berliner Philharmoniker, Herbert Von Karajan

Also now about to get Tribe Called Quests "Low end theory" and Fun lovin' criminals "Come Find yourself".

Also, I've noticed that most of you buy your records from internet. Why is that, I usually buy them from record shops.
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Originally posted by Voldemort
Also, I've noticed that most of you buy your records from internet. Why is that, I usually buy them from record shops.
Because there aren't any good record stores in my area that carry the kinds of music that I like to listen to.
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I buy music every week or so, and i usually get a bunch of things at once. There are some great record stores here in portland, but i'm starting to like online better.

Nine Inch Nails: Further Down the Spiral [EP] [IMPORT] - Nothing/Island(UK)

List: 18.99 Paid: 5.45 (incl. shipping)

Autechre: Autechre - Warp/(Nothing US)

Paid 16.99 at EM

The Orb - Orbvs Terarrvm - Island

List: 17.98 Paid: 6.63 (incl. shipping)

Rush - 2112 - Anthem

Paid 11.98

Marilyn Manson - Antichrist Superstar - Nothing/Interscope

got a great price used (cant exactly remember)

Aphex Twin - I Care Because You Do - Sire

paid NINETY NINE CENTS (plus shipping) for a MINT cd

Plug for a GREAT service:
I got most of these at once from Amazon's Marketplace. Used means lower prices but all were in near mint condition!
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Tool - Salival
Group X - Stepping on the Crowtche owf Your American President
Mudvayne - The Beginning Of All Things To End
Muse - Showbiz
Muse - Origin Of Symmetry
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based on suggestions from people on here i just picked up

the best of louis armstrong and ella fitzgerald on the verve label.

great cd

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OK, Ill play

Kim Wilson "Smokin Joint"
Brian Setzer "Vavoom
Yo Yo Ma "Silk Road Journeys"
Eric Clapton "Clapton Chronicles"
Gershwin, Kern Porter "Overtures Film Music"
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Phil Lynott - Live In Sweded 1983
Widespread Panic - Live in the Classic City
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - Live
Frank Marino - Full Circle
Gregg Allman - One More Try
Brian Wilson - Pet Sounds Live

June 2002 was a good month for music.
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Just an hour ago...

Artificial Intelligence II

Drexcyia - The Journey Home

Nightmares on Wax - Mind Elevation

Seefeel - Succour

Speedy J - G spot

The Other People Place - Lifestyles of the Laptop Cafe
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in order from oldest to newest:

Maxwell - Embrya (2000)
Janet Jackson - All For You (05-01)
Shanghai Quartet - Mozart's Last 2 Quartets (07-02)
BabyVox - Why (10-02)
Alizée - Gourmandises (12-02)
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Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother. (Trippy stuff)
Pink Floyd - Animals. (Everyone knows this one)
They Might Be Giants - Dial A Song (Very good 'best of' album)
Duke Ellington - Far East Suite (Great '60s style. Reviews are true)
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