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Recently bought waiting delivery for :-

Spoon - Kill the Moonlight
John Lennon - Imagine MFSL
Beatles - Hard Days Night
PJ Harvey - The Peel Sessions
PJ Harvey - White Chalk
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Originally Posted by omegaman View Post
Recently bought waiting delivery for :-
Cream - Wheels Of Fire
Steve Hoffman remaster.


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Although I don't have a system to play vinyl on yet, I bought my first record a few weeks ago. I was watching a friend play a show at Permanent Records in Chicago, saw it there, and had to get it. It'll be the first thing I play when I get the cash for a good setup.

Slint - Spiderland
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Felix da Housecat - Virgo Blaktro & the Movie Disco
The Fiery Furnaces - Widow City
KMFDM - Tohuvabohu
Ulrich Schnauss - Goodbye
Underworld - Oblivion with Bells [Limited Edition]
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Latest hard bop vinyl reissue acquisitions:

Miles Davis - And the Modern Jazz Giants
Miles Davis - Milestones (180g)
Miles Davis - Miles Smiles (180g)
Miles Davis - Seven Steps to Heaven (180g)
Miles Davis - E.S.P. (180g)
Jackie McLean - Swing, Swang, Swingin'
Jackie McLean - Action
Jackie McLean - Capuchin Swing
Lee Morgan - Indeed!
Lee Morgan - Candy
Fred Jackson - Hootin' and Tootin'
Kenny Dorham - Quiet Kenny
Hank Mobley - Dippin'
Hank Mobley - Tenor Conclave
Dizzy Reece - Blues in Trinity
Gene Ammons - The Big Sound

Latest hard bop CD acquisitions:

Red Garland - The P.C. Blues
Red Garland - Soul Junction
Red Garland - It's a Blue World
Oliver Nelson - The Blues and the Abstract Truth
Gene Ammons - Boss Tenor
Gene Ammons - Boss Tenors: Straight Ahead from Chicago 1961

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Still on a jazz buying binge (and I already have a large jazz collection)

Stanley Turrentine - Joyride
Stanley Turrentine - That's Where It's At
Jackie McLean - Destination Out!
Jackie McLean - New Soil
Jackie McLean - Jackie's Bag
Herbie Hancock - Empyrean Isles
Freddie Hubbard - Ready for Freddie
Wayne Shorter - Night Dreamer
Blue Mitchell - The Thing to Do
Tina Brooks - Back to the Tracks
Tina Brooks - Minor Move
Lee Morgan - Leeway
Joe Henderson - In 'n Out
Bud Powell - Time Waits: The Amazing Bud Powell

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Originally Posted by the_kwak View Post
Slint - Spiderland
Cool record. Sounds like an Albini recording, and he did do the one before it, but not this one. I think at that time Brian Paulson did a better job than Albini might've, like he was really in touch with what it should sound like. Hard to believe it's the same band that recorded Tweez. I think Will Oldham took that cover shot, and he and David Pajo have made a couple pretty nice records together over the years since, under each of their various guises.

Did you ever hear the Pinback Summer In Abaddon album, and its ending "AFK" song? Cool Slint reference at the end, after the breakdown, when it gets all quiet, then comes the line, "and I miss you, not in a Slint way, but I miss you," going back to the ending of "Good Morning, Captain", and the end of the Spiderland record as well, one of the best endings of all time, the whole record building towards it, the huge climax, McMahan screaming, "I miss you". Lot of stuff packed in those grooves.
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Thelonious Monk: Thelonious Monk Trio
Rilo Kiley: Under The Blacklight
Chick Corea: Now He Sings, Now He Sobs
The Dillinger Escape Plan: Irony Is A Dead Scene
Bluetech: Sines & Singularities
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Just bought some Keith Jarrett on vinyl:

The Koln Concert
The Survivors Suite
Solo Concerts: Bremen, Lausanne

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Ella Fitzgerald - The Definitive
Garcia/Grisman - Grateful Dawg
Eva Cassidy - Wonderful World
Linda Ronstadt - Cry Like a Rainstorm Howl like the Wind
Colbie Caillat - Coco
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Katie Melua - "Pictures"
Diana Krall - "The Very Best Of Diana Krall"
Kari Bremnes - "Live"
Øystein Sevåg - "Based On A True Story"
Metallica - "...And Justice For All"
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Smog - A River ain't too Much to Love. (CD)
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - The Letting Go (CD)
Vashti Bunyan - Lookaftering (CD)
Joanna Newsom - ..& they Ys Street Band EP (Vinyl)
Faun Fables - The Transit Rider (CD)
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in order from most recent:
Animal Collective (CD) - Strawberry Jam
Radiohead - In Rainbows (discbox) *waiting for delivery*
Deerhoof - Friend Opportunity (CD)
Liars - Liars (CD)
then either Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (CD)
or Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Is Is (CD)
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Cruachan - [Pagan]
Derdian - [New Era pt. 2 - War of the Gods]
Dreamland - [Eye For An Eye]
Nightwish - [Dark Passion Play]
Turisas - [The Varangian Way]
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American Beauty - Grateful Dead
Crown of Creation - Jefferson Airplane
40oz To Freedom - Sublime
Workingman's Dead - Grateful Dead
Live/Dead - Grateful Dead
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