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More CDs!

The White Stripes - Elephant
Radiohead - OK Computer
The Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin
Modest Mouse - Lonesome Crowded West
Ivan Fischer - Dvorak: Symphony Nos. 8 & 9 SACD
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My latest additions:

Radiohead - Kid A, Amnesiac

(Being a fan of "The Bends" and "Pablo Honey" for years, I have somewhat mixed feelings about these two. I find some exceptional songs like "Pyramid Song", "Everything In Its Right Place" and "Idioteque", but I`m not too fond of some other tunes. Maybe it was an overkill to get these two albums at once. I myself find it very strange that I don`t have "OK Computer" yet.)

Roni Size - Touching Down

(An excellent drum`n`bass mix from a well known artist of this music genre. Great production - sounds lovely through headphones. For a non die hard drum`n`bass admirer, I like it quite a bit and this album fits nicely into my collection.)

Others are some rocking local dudes that you probably wouldn`t care to hear about.
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Got these over the last two weeks:

Peter Gabriel - So (remastered)
Arvo Part - Tabula rasa
The Essential Sly & The Family Stone (remastered two disc set)
Andreas Vollenweider - Down to the Moon
Shout - the best of Tears for Fears
Eric Clapton - Just One Night (remastered)
Chet Baker - Chet (20bit gold disc)
Isaac Hayes - Hot Buttered Soul (SACD)
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A couple of weeks back but forgot to post
  • Keb' Mo' - (no title)
    Keb' Mo' - Just like You
    Etta James - Her Best
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I couldn`t resist getting "I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings" as well and now I just can`t get that "Idioteque" out of my mind.

I was plesently surprised to hear that the band`s live performance in case of most of the songs makes it even a step further from the their studio versions. I hope I`ll see them live someday.
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Drexciya - Harnessed The Storn
Drexciya - Neptunes Lair
Theorem - Ion
Plastikman - Consumed
AFX - Smojphace (well, i ordered it)
Robert Hood - Internal Empire
Vladislav Delay - Anima
Roni Size - Touching Down
Coil - Black Light Distric
Coil - Bee Stings
Coil - Time Machines
Coil - The Golden Hare With a Voice Of Silver
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Deftones - Deftones (yea, I like it )

Michael Brook - Cobalt Blue (kinda neat ambient guitar music on 4ad - 1992)

M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts (French import.. see review at Pitchfork, it is pretty amazing, imagine Air mixed with My Bloody Valentine)

Deadboy & The Elephantmen - If This is Hell then I'm Lucky (Dax from Acid Bath's new band)

December - The Lament Configuration (heavy-as-**** calculus death-core)

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Originally posted by Dusty Chalk
More than 5:

Katatonia - Viva Emptiness
how izzit? it's very close to being my next purchase


EDIT: Pop quiz -- can anyone figure out what order I listed these in? It's not difficult, and it's not random.
alpha by title! weeeeeee!

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Originally posted by Masonjar
how izzit? it's very close to being my next purchase
Awesome, I really like it. Pretty much the new purchases that I've been enjoying most lately have been under the "metal ear candy" category, and this fits right in. Can't wait for the next Amorphis album.

Lots of four-letter words, which is a turn-off to many, but it's part of my daily vocabulary, so doesn't bother me. That's how they sing it, too (like it's part of their daily vocabulary), not like "I FOCHIN' HATE YOU!!!!!1!!!" Other than that, it's the poppiest thing they've done. I still like Last Fair Deal Gone Down best, though.

I'll play it for you some time.
Originally posted by Masonjar
M83 - Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts (French import.. see review at Pitchfork, it is pretty amazing, imagine Air mixed with My Bloody Valentine)
Now that sounds like my cuppa!
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Michael J Sheehy - No Longer My Concern
Michael J Sheehy - Ill Gotten Gains
Michael J Sheehy - Sweet Blue Jean
Beck - Odelay

Last two were ordered together so it's a tie

Red Rose Music: The Art of Fugue by J.S. Bach vol 5
Red Rose Music: New Haven Brass Quintet vol. 4
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From the "Kruitvat klassiek CD collectie" (only Dutch people know what that is)

The Great Symphonies (10 CD box)


These were cheap, very cheap,(Kruitvat is a drugstore) but from what i've heard reasonable quality so it seems a good start to see if I could get into classical music.
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Saturday Night Fever - The original movie soundtrack: Sound quality is wanting on this one but it makes me want to boogie again...not really.

Norah Jones - come fly way with me: With all due respect to Ms Jones, i find this album to be boring with cookie cutter songs. This is more of a background music album to me.

The Allen Parsons Project - The Definitive Collection: Got this album on a whim which features the groups better known songs but i only recognize one song in the entire two CD album set. Still it's a decent album throughout.

Ice Castles-Original Soundtrack Album: A pretty decent album which i came to like more than expected.

LeeAnn Rimes - I Need You: Another album bought on a whim which i've come to really like which features a nice selection of LeeAnn's songs and some remix versions as well. All nice songs but a little too bass heavy for me.

Vangelis - Themes: Very nice selection of this groups songs from various movie soundtracks including Bladerunner, Chariots of fire...

Nobody Does it Better, the Very Best of Carly Simon: Simply put, nobody does it better, Carly is still among my favorites...

HONK The Original Soundtrack Album "Five Summer Stories": Got this album on recommendation of a friend and didn't like it at first but now it's among my favorites...Some Head-fiers may be old enough to remember this surfing movie back from the 70s. In particular 'Pipeline Sequence" remains THE definitive surf song but the recording quality is not the best...The other songs are also very nice...This album produces an extremely wide soundstage on my system
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Original post moved here.

Here's what I just purchased (not counting the new SACDs I ordered -- I mean pulling-out-of a-plastic-bag-right-now-and-listening purchased):
  • thomas jirku/judge - plusism (kompakt)
    (clean, restrained microhouse with basic channel damage)
  • taylor deupree - stil (12k)
    (Textures photographed in black and white: objective, warm. Doesn't insult but doesn't call attention to itself. Perfect for wiping out the Jerry Lewis rubato furniture ballet of self-absorbed upstairs neighbors)
  • aki onda - precious moments (softlmusic.com)
    (All three of the above titles are recommended, but the Ani Onda is difficult to find and combines a few acoustic instruments (clarinets, etc.) with more strictly electronic textures. Onda was a composer in residence at Dartmouth in 2002. I also recommend his album, Beautiful Contradiction (All Access, 1998).)
  • nobukazu takemura - assembler (thrill jockey)
    (This is the album to get if you want glitchier less friendly music by Takemura -- assembler sounds like a series of Gerhard Richter pastiches of other Thrill Jockey artists but rendered more expertly than Markus Popp, et al., can manage themselves. I haven't decided whether assemblage is more sophisticated than those people or simply tidier.)
  • biosphere - substrata/man with a movie camera (touch)
    (This one's less cliche than certain of his other releases, though I like those in limited doses as well (Nordheim Transformed is still my favorite).)
  • Blutig Seide - Mario Bava DVD (Hände Weg Edition)
    (Supposedly limited to 1000 copies; comes in a lurid yet garish black and red velvet slipcase. This is the best transfer of Blood and Black Lace on any DVD so far. The Bava filmography section also contains seven sub-pages of Easter eggs, all of them flawless transfers of trailers which Bava shot himself; most of the films no longer exist in that form, and some of the trailers feature scenes that aren't even in the films. There are also four trailers for Blood and Black Lace, one never included anywhere before. There are also alternate shots of every beautiful murder scene in the film, all of which can be played in succession. The German DVD of Kill Baby Kill (Die toten Augen des Dr. Dracula) is supposed to be of the same caliber. Anyone who likes the Brothers Quay for their dissolves from one decaying surface to the next should watch the German DVD of this film. No one else can make faces peering through a window look as complex and unsettling.)


How do you like these?:

Theorem - Ion
Plastikman - Consumed
Robert Hood - Internal Empire
Vladislav Delay - Anima

Anima is good, though I do prefer Multila and Entain. I highly doubt you'd like Naima (though I suppose I shouldn't discourage you from buying it (from me!)).

I also like Consumed and Internal Empire quite a bit.

I used to work with a Scottish guitarist who played with Coil occasionally -- Alex Arundel. (Actually, he wasn't playing much guitar by the time I worked with him.)
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Kosheen - "Resist"
(An excellent debut album of this Bristol based band. Lots of catchy drum`n`bass tunes with lovely female vocals. Just cant resist it.)

Moloko - "Statues"
(If you liked "The Time is Now" and "Sing it Back" than you`ll love this one. It sounds fresh, yet clearly based in music of the past.)

Nirvana - "Nevermind"

Eyesburn - "Solid"
(Live and direct from the streets of Belgrade, Serbia. Corrupted politicians, dirty media, mafia wars and global imperialism threat shaped lyrically by wize youths playing reggae style heavy music.)

DJ Kicks - DJ Cam
(Starts off with couple of jazzy trip hop tunes and then rolles into fat hip hop beats. Not really my cup of tea, but an interesting cd to throw in occasionally. Nice mixing.)
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The Weathermen- The Conspiracy
Necro & ill bill presents Street Villains
Tame One- When Rappers Atack
Akrobatik- Balance
Ill Bill- ill bill is the future
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