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Purchased in person and what I received in the mail yesterday;

Bread-The Best of Bread (newly remastered)
Millennium 60s Rock Party
O Brother Where Art Thou? SACD

Graveworm-As The Angels Reach The Beauty
Carpathian Forest- Defending The Throne of Evil
Darkthrone-Hate Them

Yes, they are all for my enjoyment.

edit: I thought the O Brother sacd was multichannel but it's not.
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Mulligan Meets Monk
REM "Chronic Town" EP
The Chills "Lost EP"
Cat Power "You Are Free"
Bonnie Prince Billy "Master and Everyone"
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In the past week i've bought

All Tommorows Parties 3.0
Autechre - Draft 7.30
Gescom - ISS SA
Photek - Solaris
Compost 50 Sampler
Orbital - The Altogether
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Five more new ones:

Carl Stone-"Nak Won" (thanks again, Minya)(Sonore)
Anthony Braxton--"Solo (NYC) 2002 (parallactic)
Sonny Simmons--"Solo, Into the Andromeda" (parallactic)
John Butcher & John Edwards--"Optic" (Emanem)
Steve Lacy--"Moon" (Sunspots reissue)
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I can't stop....

- Coltrane: A Love Supreme (SACD)
- Blood, Sweat, and Tears (SACD)
- Santana: Abraxas (SACD)
- Brubeck: Time Out (SACD)
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I got these for free today at a garage sale:

Beethoven's Complete Symphonies (4cds) (Chandros)
Brazil Soundtrack
Clannad - Anam
Deep Forest - Comparsa
Marc-Andre Hamelin (piano) - Godowsky - The Complete Studies on Chopin's Etudes
Steve Reich - Triple Quartet
Philip Glass - Akhnaten
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This was an all-IDM outing.

Bought from Etherea and s//kimo:
    AUTECHRE: Draft 7.30 CD (WARP)
    V/A (Autechre Curated): ATP 3.0 2-CD (ATPR)
Given to me as gifts:
  • AFX: 26 Mixes for Cash 2-CD
    Beaumont Hannant: Texturology
    Artificial Intelligence II 2-CD

More on my purchases later. As for the gifts (which I've had more time with):

Penvzila mentioned on another thread that the 26 mixes weren't worth having because nearly all the material was owned by AFX fans already. Still, I'm glad to have it. There are lots of too-familiar rmxs, such as the Nobukazu Takemura. But some weren't familiar to me, at least, until now.

The Hannant is dated but unusually good. I prefer it to his other work. And AI II is essential, of course, so I was glad to have my lost copy replaced. After all, the AI series put the Intelligent in IDM.
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I take back what i said about not worth having it. I haven't bought it yet, but i downloaded it and was totally wrong. I only had 4 or 5 of the mixes out of 26. My favorite would have to be either the Nobukazu one or the remix of windowlicker. I will probably buy it in a few days.


i really like a lot of the artists on cco, but i've never seen a single cd from that label in records stores, not even arovane.
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Penvzila: You live in Portland, right? I grew up there as well as in Vancouver, Canada. I'll try to think of a store that carries cco CDs in Portland.

In NYC, several specialty stores do: Other Music, Etherea, Kims Underground, Breakbeat Science, the late Temple Records, Throb, Vinyl Market, etc.

Other Music does mail order. Kim's Underground does, too, though they'll probably charge too much. Your best shot might be to deal with PJ at s://kimo. I know for a fact he has the new Arovane 7".
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I can't believe no one has gotten any new music in almost a month, so I am bumping:

Wynton Marsalis - The London Concert
Wynton Marsalis - Marsalis Standard Time
Aaron Copland - Copland Conducts Copland
Weather Report - Heavy Weather

All single layer SACDs.
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Here's five:

1. Cecil Taylor--Two T's For a Lovely T (10 CD set that I picked up. Extremely rare, only 1,000 produced, and it's utterly amazing!)
2. The Complete Brunswick & Vocalion Recordings of Louis Prima and Wingy Manone (1924-1937) (Mosaic)
3. Autechre-Draft 7.30
4. Vrioon--Alva Noto/Ryuichi Sakamoto
5. Minamo--Beautiful
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Cannonball Adderly: Somethin' Else
Pete Yorn: Day I Forgot
Moulin Rouge Soundtrack
Fleetwood Mac: Rumours (finally!)
Björk: Greatest Hits

(OK, so I have pretty diverse music tastes )
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The Best of Mountain (Remastered and expanded)
The Police Every Breath You Take- The Classics (SACD)
Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon (SACD)
The Brothers Johnson Greatest Hits
The Art of Noise In Visible Silence
Pete Yorn Day I Forgot
Opeth Damnation

I've got a lot of vintage Procol Harum on order.

BTW, Jon... that Copland SACD is fantastic!
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Scored some discs today at Dearborn Music:

Jaco Pastorius - Punk Jazz the Jaco Pastorius Anthology
Sonny Rollins - Plus 4 (SACD MofI)
Bill Evans/Cannonball Adderley - Know What I Mean (SACD)
Muddy Waters - Folk Singer (SACD)
4 Generations of Miles (SACD)
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Of those I've received (just because I've got around 40 on the way):

Jesper Kyd - Hitman 2 Soundtrack
Metallica - Kill 'Em All (remastered)
Metallica - Ride The Lightning (remastered)
Metallica - Master of Puppets (remastered)
Metallica - And Justice For All (remastered)

No nu-metal here.
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