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Count Basie Swings, Joe Williams Sings
"Satch" and "Josh": Count Basie Encounters Oscar Peterson
Dizzy Gillespie: Have Trumpet, Will Excite!

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1. medeski martin and wood -- combustication
2. stereolab -- sound-dust
3. beth orton -- central reservation
4. the cardigans -- gran turismo
5. angie stone -- black diamond
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Let's see if I can pick out the last 5 from the last 50

Luciana Souza--"Brazilian Duos"
Mutabaruka--"Life Squared"
Moreno Veloso + 2--"Music Typewriter"
Mano Negra--"Casa Babylon"
Caetano Veloso--"Livro"
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  • Chicago: Day and Night
  • Tchaikovsky: 1812 Overture - Cincinnati Symphony: Erich Kunzel - Telarc
  • Manhattan Transfer: LIVE
  • Earth, Wind, and Fire: In the Name of Love
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Globe - Relation
Led Zeppelin 4 CD Box Set
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1. Wagner Der Ring des Nibelungen (Solti remastered Decca)
2. Benny Green/Russell Malone "Jazz at the Bistro" (Telarc)
3. Beethoven Piano Works Vol. 2 Schnabel (Naxos)
4. Beethoven Piano Works Vol. 3 Schnabel (Naxos)
5. Rosalyn Turek Plays Bach: The Allegro Recordings
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Mozart - Requiem (Telarc)
That is definitely a good album, one of my favorite classical disks.

Most recent cds-

Josh Redman '' Freedom in the Groove"

Diana Krall " Look of Love"

''Round Up" (telarc), a collection of large, western, orchestral pieces such as that from the film the '' Magnificant Seven''. Highly recommended.

DMB '' Live at Red Rocks''

The Clash '' From Here to Eternity"
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Newsboys - Thrive
Gaither Vocal Band - Everything Good
Mercy Me - Spoken For
ApologetiX - Biblical Graffiti (Absolutely incredible!)
the kry - Undone

These happen to be some of my most favorite albums in recent times. The ApologetiX CD is one where they parody modern and classic rosk hits. These guys are hilarious.
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I've been on a (SA)CD buying frenzy lately...

Ryan Adams "Gold" (SACD) - This is a great CD - I picked it up on a whim and it's really quite impressive
Alice in Chains "Greatest Hits" (SACD) - meh...cool songs, surround mix leaves a lot to be desired, though
Diana Krall "When I Look In Your Eyes" (SACD) - I like this one a lot, especially the surround mix
Alison Krauss "Forget About It" (SACD) - I think I should've gone for the more traditional bluegrass first - this is a bit too soft for me..
McCoy Tyner Quartet "New York Reunion" (SACD) - Outstanding jazz, and quite possibly the most well-recorded cd/sacd I've heard so far
Mark O'Connor "The American Seasons" (SACD) - I highly recommend this for anyone who's heard Appalachia Waltz or Appalachian Journey. The string ensemble version of Appalachia Waltz is absolutely gorgeous.
Yo-Yo Ma "Solo" (SACD) - Great performances of some really interesting pieces.
I Am Sam Soundtrack - All Beatles covers, and most of them are good (surprisingly)
Wilco "Summerteeth" - Excellent album. A must for the Wilco fan who started on YHF.
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I'm fleshing out a couple of holes in my collection:

Roxy Music - Avolon (remastered, HDCD version. My original copy of the album is probably one of the best engineered pieces of vinyl I own)

Roger Waters - Amused To Death (a Columbia Gold edition...very, very nice)
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this month has been great:

The Gathering - Souvenirs
O.S.I - Office of Strategic Influence
Porcupine Tree - In Absentia
Porcupine Tree - Metanoia
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Slow Riot For The New Zero Kanada
Adrian Belew - Inner Revolution
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New "old" Cds just obtained:

OVERKILL - years of decay + horrorscope
ACCEPT - metal heart + russian roulette
RUNNING WILD - black hand in + death and glory
WASP - electric circus
JUDAS PRIEST - defenders of faith + turbo

I have very extensive collection of 1980's rock/metal that keeps growing.
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My newest acquisitions:

Lucinda Williams -- Essence

Bob Dylan -- The Royal Albert Hall Concert Live

Sue Foley -- Without a Warning

Sue Foley -- Young Girl Blues

Sue Foley -- Big City Blues

The last 3 are on sale from the Texas Music Group, a group of Indie labels, for $10 each. Sue Foley recorded these under the Antone's label.

A Canadian in Texas with her pink paisley Stratocaster.
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My five latest:

Yes - Fragile (remastered - replacing my old cd)

Dar Williams - The Beauty of the Rain

Anonymous4 - Hildegard Von Bingen - 11,000 Virgins - Chants for the Feast of St. Ursula

Bob Dylan - Bootleg Series Vol.5 - 1975 The Rolling Thunder Revue

Tori Amos - bootleg - Sellout - First Night of US Tour - 1996 (2cd's)
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Massive Attack - 100th Window
The Cure - Greatest Hits
Massive Attack - Mezzanine
Zwan - Mary...
Bjork - Greatest Hits

no regrets...can't decide which to listen to
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