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Anyone reside in Oklahoma?  

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Because that would be sweet!

I haven't heard ANY good headphones and, as far as I know, there is no place in Tulsa or surrounding areas that even has decent headphones!

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Located in tulsa

I just noticed your older thread. I am located in oklahoma right near to you! I go to OU, but I live in muskogee so tulsa is only 30 minutes away! We should get in touch for over the summer.
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I just joined and saw this thread. I'm from Oklahoma City
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Resurrecting a thread: Tulsa here.


For what it's worth, Guitar Center does carry some quality IEMs (and even *gulp* the Apple store). The EarPlug Superstore in Fort Gibson (of all places!) carries a selection of high quality IEMs, too. They're primarily internet-based, but I think they have a small store presence. It's where I got my ER-4Ps way back when.


Otherwise, yes, our options are really limited.

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Resurrecting again. I'm from the Lawton area.

Nice to know there are some Okie Head-fiers!

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Oklahoma City here!

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Stillwater...Oklahoma is very limited
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OKC here also, but I mostly go to Austin/Dallas meets. Dallas meets happen twice a year and it's only about 3 hours away, doable in a single day if you can last that long. Usually I'm leaving by 6-6:30am and get home after having dinner in Dallas by 10-11pm.
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Tulsa here... Actually Glenpool, but close enough.

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Created an account after spotting this thread, been browsing the forums for a while. I live in Owasso.

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Just created an account here too.  I'm in Tulsa (midtown).  Currently, for a headphones setup I have an oldish HeadRoom Total Bithead dac/amp and some Etymotic ER-4P's IEM's and a Sennheiser HD280 Pro cans.  I don't use my ER-4's much anymore because I find over the ear cans to be a lot more comfortable for me - not to mentioned a whole lot easier to put on and take off.    I also have a decent home theater setup and bedroom 2.1 setup for music though I'm not sure how much that type of gear is discussed here.


Right now I really want to upgrade my office gear (read: headphones) and I'm not sure if I want to go with a tube amp or solid state amp.  It would be great to have some type of local meet where I could try a tube amp and some nice headphones to see how much of a difference I can hear and rather or not I like the sound :)  But I'm not sure how much of that type of gear exists in Tulsa.

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Tube or solid state doesn't matter too much. Both can sound like each other's stereotypes. It's more the layout and topology that matters.
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Bringing it back, OKC from the way of Lawton (Hellhole), OK. 

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